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Amana PTH123E35AXXX 12,000 BTU Heat Pump Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner with Programmable Set-Back Program, DigiSmart Control Board, 220 Volts, 3.5 Kw Heat and 20 Amp
Brand: Amana
Part Number: PTH123E35AXXX

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The Amana brand Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner is designed for customer comfort and owner piece of mind.  No other PTAC in the industry offers so many energy management features as standard.  And DigiSmart PTAC’s came with all the accessories you expect including seacoast coils, options for hydronic heat, and a full line of sleeves and grilles.  Best of all the DigiSmart energy management system offers you the ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 35%.
Amana brand Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners are the industry leader in factory –installed RF wireless Energy Management Systems.
The DigiSmart control board has been standard on all Amana brand PTACs since 2003 and can be retrofitted into all Amana brand PTACs built since 1996.
The DigiSmart control is a complete Energy Management System (EMS).  So, your PTAC is ready to start reducing your energy costs by as much as 35% from the moment you plug it in. 


  • Set Back Mode – the owner can determine amount of time unit is left untouched (buttons not pushed) before the PTAC begins a set-back routine and new thermostat temperature takes effect.  All set-back routines can be changed by owner.
  • Maintenance Status – Separate green LED indicator light to show if unit requires maintenance.
  •  Electronic Temperature Limits – owner can set separate cooling and heating temperature ranges and limit operation to one-degree increments, saving energy by preventing guests from over-cooling or over-heating.
  •  Enhanced Dehumidification Cooling Mode – the unit can be set to lengthen cooling cycles while the room is occupied or unoccupied.  This passes more air through the unit while the coil is below the dew point, increasing the amount of moisture removed.
  • Unit Diagnostics - when switched to diagnostics mode, the unit shows ten different self-diagnosis codes to help keep the unit running most efficiently.
  • Freeze protection – when sensors show an outdoor temperature of 40 degrees fahrenheit or below, the unit automatically activates the fan motor and the electric or hydronic heat to help prevent burst water pipes or broken fixtures caused by freezing temperatures.
  • Extended Heating with the Heat Pump – heat pump models will operate in heat pump mode with external temperatures as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit to provide additional energy savings.
  • 30 Second Fan Off Delay – the fan continues to run for 30 seconds after the compressor has stopped or after electric heat has been turned off.  This improves efficiency by dispersing the cooled or heated air still on the coil into the room.


Height: 16 1/16"
Width: 42"
Depth: 21 1/2"
Sleeve Width: 42
Sleeve Height: 16 1/16
Weight: 105 lbs.
Voltage: 230/208
Capacity: 12,000/11,900 BTU/h
EER: 10.8
Unit without Electric Heater Minimum Circuit Amps: 6.4
CFM (Cool/Wet Coil) - High: 325/315
CFM (Cool/Wet Coil) - Low: 265/235
CFM (Dry Coil) - High: 345/335
CFM (Dry Coil) - Low: 265/235
Ventilated Air (Fan Only): 70 CFM (Approx. 95 CFM with optional power vent kit)
Ventilated Air (Compressor & Fan): 70 CFM (Approx. 95 CFM with optional power vent kit)
Dehumidification: 3.5 Pints/Hr
Electric Heat Performance : (Primary Heat for PTC Models)
Voltage: 230/208 Volts
Electric Heater Size: 2.5kW
No. of Stages: 1
Nominal Heating @ 230V: 8,500 BTU/h
Nominal Heating @ 208V: 6,800 BTU/h
Total Watts: 2,650/2,140
Total Amps: 11.5/10.2
Minimum Circuit Ampacity: 14.2
MOD: 15 Amps
Power cord: 6 - 15 P
Reverse-Cycle Heating Performance
Amps: 4.5/5.1
Watts: 1,020/1,000
COP: 3.1
CFM (Dry): 310/290
Reverse-Cycle Heating Performance
Outdoor Ambient Rating Point
COP: 3.1/3.1
Heating @ 62°F: 13,000/12,800 BTU/h
Heating @ 57°F: 12,300/12,100 BTU/h
Heating @ 52°F: 11,600/11,400 BTU/h
Heating @ 47°F: 10,800/10,600 BTU/h
Heating @ 42°F: 10,100/9,900 BTU/h
Heating @ 37°F: 9,400/9,200 BTU/h
Heating @ 32°F: 8,600/8,400 BTU/h
Heating @ 27°F: 7,900/7,700 BTU/h
Heating @ 24°F: 7,500/7,300 BTU/h
Reverse-Cycle Heating Performance
Outdoor Ambient
Watts @ 62°F: 1,120/1,100
Watts @ 57°F: 1,090/1,075
Watts @ 52°F: 1,060/1,045
Watts @ 47°F: 1,020/1,005
Watts @ 42°F: 985/970
Watts @ 37°F: 950/935
Watts @ 32°F: 900/885
Watts @ 27°F: 855/840
Watts @ 24°F: 830/815