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Friedrich M24CG 24,200 BTU Single Zone Wall-Mounted Cool Only Ductless Split System with Advanced Inverter Technology (MW24C3G Indoor /MR24C3G Outdoor)
Brand: Friedrich
Part Number: M24CG

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Product Details:


This cooling only ductless mini split reaches the desired temperature FASTER, maintain it MORE ACCURATELY, and REDUCE energy costs making it the perfect solution for large rooms and offices.

The Friedrich M24CG Inverter Technology eliminates the constant compressor start-ups and shut-downs required to maintain the set temperature with traditional technology. It controls compressor rotation speed precisely and adjusts capacity to meet demand, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

Inverter Technology allows each system to adjust capacity and cooling output to provide only the amount of cooling needed at a given time.  For example, an 18,000 BTU/h system will operate even more efficiently as a 15,500 if that is all that's needed.

In addition, The Friedrich M24CG Mini Split System offers many unique features such as Swing Louvers (Up/Down), Auto Restart in case of power failure, Washable reusable filters, and Low Ambient Operation which will have the unit operating safely in temperatures as low as 0ºF.

The Wireless Thermostat offers 24-Hour timer, Sleep mode, Auto/cool/dry/fan modes, four fan speeds plus auto fan.

Outdoor unit comes pre charged with Refrigerant sufficient for 49 ft. of line.


  • Variable Capacity Advantages - Inverter Technology allows each system to adjust capacity and cooling output to provide only the amount of cooling needed at a given time
  • Easy installation - Your system will be up and running in just a few short hours in most cases
  • Low installed cost - Ductless systems have a clear advantage over central air conditioning when ducts are not already present
  • Lower utility bills - Unlike central air conditioners that cool all the areas the same, ductless systems cool only those rooms you tell it to. No more wasted dollars on cooling unused rooms
  • Ultra quiet operation - Ductless systems are in sharp contrast to other types of air conditioners where the rush of air from ducted vents can be annoying, or where compressor noise of window units can be objectionable
  • Security advantage - Only a small 3 inch hole is needed for connecting indoor and outdoor units. No worries about intrusion through window installations or wall openings
  • Low ambient cooling - All models feature built-in controls that allow the unit to cool even when outdoor temperatures fall to 0ºF. An important feature typically required for computer, telecom and electronic gear rooms, or any other room requiring year-round cooling.
  • Permanent installation - Unlike traditional window air conditioners, ductless split systems leave window views unobstructed. And, because it is a permanent installation, there is nothing to remove or store over the winter.
  • 24000 Cooling BTU
  • Monitors and maintains set point
  • Programmable 24-hour timer
  • Sleep timer
  • Energy Saver
  • Continuous air sweep
  • Wireless remote control
  • Four fan speeds plus auto fan
  • Auto/cool/dry fan modes
  • Auto restart
  • Washable air filters
  • Auto shut flaps


M24CG-MW24C3G - Indoor Component

Unit Dimensions

12 5/8"
39 1/4"
Max. Line Length
Max. Height Difference

Detailed Electrical Information

Max. Total Draw Fuse/Breaker
Power Cord Length
Hard Wired
Air Circulation
659 cubic feet per minute
Est. Yearly Operating Costs
Moisture Removal
6.3 pints/24 hours
Net Weight
31 lbs
Operating Temperatures (Cooling)
Operating Temperatures (Heating)
Performance Certifications
Shipping Weight
40 lbs

M24CG-MR24C3G - Outdoor Component

Unit Dimensions

24 7/16"
31 1/8"
11 3/4"
Max. Line Length
Max. Height Difference
Net Weight
88 lbs
Shipping Weight
97 lbs
Performance Certifications