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Unique Arts FSCMAIDENIILBC Lovely Bar Chair
Brand: Unique Arts

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The Lovely Bar Set is very well crafted, incredibly durable and rich in design. Its rugged construction ensures it will endure for years against the all weather conditions.It is crafted from is manufactured from 100% FSC Certified "green" harvested eucalyptus. FSC certifications are very stringent to ensure wood products like these are not made from illegally harvested virgin trees, rather wood that has been specifically grown for industrial uses. This naturally water-repellent wood will last for years in all weather conditions with minimal shrinking or swelling due to its innately high rubber content. Without maintenance a rich silvery patina develops on your piece. Light sanding or application of teak oil annually will maintain the original honey brown color.


Chairs: 16 " x 17" x 45.75"