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Primo PR334 Firebox Divider Oval XL 400
Brand: Primo
Part Number: PR334

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Barbecue experts will tell you, 'low and slow' is the way to go. That is, barbecueing, smoking, or any other form of slow cooking requires low, indirect heat. This is exactly the specialized quality that this firebox divider provides. Primo grills can provide low heat on their own, but this divider allows you to grill over the direct heat on one side while indirectly slow-cooking food on the other. Plus, the cast iron construction allows for accurate temperature control and heat retention. 


  • Cast iron firebox divider 
  • Partitions your grill allowing you to cook direct and indirect simultaneously
  • For Oval XL ceramic grill


Width: 17"
Depth: 6"
Height: 1"