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Thermador Masterpiece Series CIS365GB 36" Smoothtop Electric Induction Cooktop With 5 Heating Zones, Sensor Dome, 9 Pre-Programmed Cooking Modes, Touch Control Panel, In Stainless Steel
Brand: Thermador
Part Number: CIS365GB

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Product Details:


Induction cooking is perhaps the most revolutionary advancement cooking technology has seen in the last 30 years. It offers both the responsiveness of gas and the convenience of an electric cooktop in a single unit. Like all Thermador products, the induction cooktops offer cutting-edge features and unrivalled performance. Plus, they design and manufacture their own induction components - using proprietary technology to ensure each cooktop meets their strict standards for quality and durability. Once you experience the power and precision of Thermador induction cooking, you'll discover why no other induction cooktop comes close. Thermador takes the groundbreaking induction technology even further by offering an industry-best 4.6 kW element for superior heating power. A huge 13-inch cooking element accommodates over-sized pots and skillets easily. The exclusive CookSmart feature uses a unique temperature sensor system that activates pre-programmed cooking modes to deliver perfect results every time. State-of-the-art features and unrivalled performance - the hallmark of a true Thermador appliance. Sensor Dome technology measures the temperature of the pot on the cooktop and communicates with the CookSmart system, which then automatically adjusts the cooking temperature. This exclusive system ensures perfect results every time with minimum effort. No more burning or overcooking; no more watching a pot, waiting for your creations to finish. It's a breakthrough in cooking convenience.



  • Largest (13") and most powerful (4600W) round heating element on the market
  • Sensor Dome - retractable sensor measures the heat of the pot and keeps the temperature consistent
  • CookSmart - 9 pre-programmed cooking modes
  • Speed Heating - Induction cooktops heat 50% faster than traditional gas cooktops
  • Industry exclusive triple zone - accommodates multiple size pans with 3 diameter sizes
  • PowerBoost allows the maximum power level to be exceeded in the shortest period of time


  • Touch control panel with blue light illumination offers 17 power settings
  • Chiseled, angular design coordinates with the suite of Thermador Masterpiece Collection appliances
  • Full stainless steel frame
  • Trapezoid design control panel


  • Two Timers - Auto Shut Off Timer available for all elements enables user to set desired cooking times. Separate kitchen timer also available.
  • Keep Warm function allows meals to remain ready to serve


  • Pan Recognition - Element will not turn on if other small objects are placed on the cooking zone
  • Anti-Overflow System - exclusive feature prevents spills by automatically shutting off and sounding alarm when liquids are detected on surface
  • 2-step digital control panel indicates when elements are hot or very hot

Child safety lock

  • Installation Above a Built-in Oven or Warming Drawer
  • Thermador Induction Cooktops may be installed above a Thermador Single Built-in Oven.
  • A minimum of 1" air gap must be maintained between the bottom of the cooktop and the top of the oven.
  • Thermador Cooktops may also be installed above a Thermador Warming Drawer to create a convenient cooking center.


  • We strongly recommend the installation of a Thermador Ventilation System with this induction cooktop.
  • Seal the surfaces of the cutout to make them heat resistant.
  • This prevents the surfaces from expanding as a result of humidity.
  • Solid surface counter-tops often require special installation.
  • For example, heat reflective tape or rounded corners may be necessary.
  • Warning
  • To reduce the risk of ignition of nearby combustible materials, install the counter-top with a minimum distance of 2" from both side walls and the back wall.

Heat Shield

  • The heat shield will require an additional 1" clearance below the cooktop.
  • For safety reasons, the heat shield must be properly installed.
  • This prevents components from overheating as a result of the recirculation of hot air from the cooktop.
  • The heat shield is the same width as the cooktop.
  • For shipping, it is screwed to the burner box.
  • Once installed, the heat shield will be able to rotate freely.


Dimensions & Weights
Product Width: 37"
Product Depth: 21 1/4"
Cutout Width: 34 3/4" - 34 7/8"
Cutout Depth: 19 7/8" - 20"
Cutout Height: 3 1/8"
Minimum Air Clearance: 1"
Total Cutout Height (Including Air Clearance): 4 1/8"
Minimum Distance from Counter Front: 2 1/4"
Minimum Distance from Rear Wall: 2"
Approximate Shipping Weight: 63 lbs.
Cooktop Specifications
Total Number of Cooktop Elements: 5
Left Front Element (Size/Watts/Watts with PowerBoost): 7" / 1,800 W / 2,500 W
Right Front Element (Size/Watts/Watts with PowerBoost): 9" / 2,200 W / 3,300 W
Left Rear Element (Size/Watts/Watts with PowerBoost): 7" / 1,800 W / 2,500 W
Right Rear Element (Size/Watts/Watts with PowerBoost): 6" / 1,400 W / 1,800 W
Center Element (Size/Watts/Watts with PowerBoost) - Outer Ring: 13" / 3,300 W / 4,600 W
Center Element (Size/Watts/Watts with PowerBoost) - Middle Ring: 11" / 2,600 W / 3,400 W
Center Element (Size/Watts/Watts with PowerBoost) - Inner Ring: 9" / 2,200 W / 3,300 W
Electrical Specifications
Electrical Supply: 240/208V AC, 60 Hz
Required Circuit Breaker: 50 Amp
Conduit: 39" Flexible 3-Wire
6" Sensor Pot, 1.3 qt.: SENSORPOTH
6" Sensor Pot, 1.9 qt.: SENSORPOT6
7" Sensor Pot, 3.6 qt.: SENSORPOT7
9" Sensor Pot, 6.6 qt.: SENSORPOT9
16" Skillet for Use with 13" Element: CHEFSPAN13
Sensor Strips: SENSORSTRP
Cooktop Warranty Information (Full Warranty and Limited Warranty from Date of Installation. For complete warranty details, refer to your Care & Use manual.)
Full Warranty Parts and Labor: 1 Year
Glass Ceramic Surface/Electric Elements and Switches: Limited Warranty
Parts Only: 2nd to 5th Year