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Professional Service Installation of Range Hood
Brand: Professional Service

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Product Details:

During Installation

  • Installer terminates and disconnects electrical service.
  • Installer disconnects duct (if necessary).
  • Upon extraction of existing appliance, Installer determines, confers with customer and documents on the ICF charges necessary for additional labor, parts, or permits that are needed to proceed with the service, due to the conditions found after extraction.  Installer has the customer initial the ICF.
  • Installer ensures new range hood is properly adjusted for existing ventilation capability.
  • Installer is to accommodate services, if necessary and possible, to meet all plumbing, electric, and building codes and all manufacturers' installation specifications, but not to exceed authorized additional charge estimate provided to customer.
  • Installer installs new appliance according to the manufacturer's specifications and to customer's satisfaction.
  • Installer connects electrical service as required by National Electric Code.
  • Installer reconnects and seals to existing duct, if necessary.
  • Installer installs all components such as filters, access panels, light bulbs (supplied by customer and not to exceed recommended wattage).
  • Installer activates and tests exhaust fan at all speeds and light at all settings.
  • Installer ensures back-draft damper is opening and closing as required for ducted applications.
  • Installer checks exterior wall cap and ensures there are no blockages.
  • Installer ensures charcoal filter is installed for non-ducted applications.
  • Installer monitors all connections to ensure proper installation and operation.
  • Installer corrects any defects in the installation (if applicable), and retests appliance.
  • Installer double-checks all connections.
  • Installer checks and verifies that all user functions are operational.  When performing this check, Installer walks through a demo with the customer to show the customer basic operations of their new appliance.  Installer sets the clock and presets, if applicable.

Please Note: Installation does not include removal of your old appliance. Please refer to the product page for more information on removal of your appliance.