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If you're looking for a versatile home cooling system, look no further than Pridiom multi-zone ductless mini-split air conditioning units. Widely used outside of North America, ductless systems are cost effective and energy efficient, allowing you to decide what parts of your house to cool, when to cool them, and what temperature to cool them to. These exceptional systems, made my Pridiom to the highest standards of quality in materials, components, and production, will knock your energy bill down by giving you total control over your home climate. Excellent for homes where ductwork is not available or as a supplement to an older, overworked system when a full replacement isn't feasible either physically or financially, Pridiom ductless mini-split systems provide you with unmatched dependability and versatility at the best value in the industry.

That's why Pridiom offers an economical standard ductless mini-split using traditional heat pump technology in their remarkable 13 SEER product line alongside a truly exceptional and inventive current inverter. This is a system you can only find with Pridiom, which converts your house's alternating current to direct current, allowing your air conditioning unit's compressor, which is what provides the cool air, to run at variable speeds. Direct current means savings, because when your compressor runs less, you use less electricity. That's the sort of budget-conscious innovation we've come to expect from Pridiom, the best in affordable mini-split ductless air conditioning units. With developments like that, it's no wonder they're a leader in their industry.

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