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The Premier Stove Company was founded in 1912, during the waning days of America's Industrial Revolution and right at the cusp of modernity. Originally established to manufactur cast iron, coal and wood stoves, the company later manufactured and marketed a combination coal and gas range, and eventually developed an entire range of gas and electric stoves as the century progressed. Premier has a legacy going back over a century, and the proven ability to adapt and develop new and better products in order to meet your needs. Combine all of that with an unmatched dedication to quality and excellence in design and manufacturing, and you can see why Premier has been a trusted name in home cooking since before the First World War. In its century of progress and success, Premier has worked hard to meet, and then exceed, customer expectations in every area from production quality to customer service. With such excellent core values demonstrating their fundamental commitment to ongoing progress and improvement, and you can see that if any company exemplifies the spirit of the twentieth century, it's Premier. It was an era of unmatched progress and technological development, and Premier has been there for every step of the way.

Now, as Premier marches ahead of the rest of the world deeper into the twenty-first century with the exceptional Premier Pro series, combining the power of a commercial range with the needs of a residential range, you can trust that if you march with Premier, you'll never march alone.

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