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Appliances Connection Ratings and Reviews

Appliances Connection cares about customer feedback. That's why we offer multiple ways for you to get in touch with us and tell us how we're doing with regards to both our service and our products. You can find out here how to rate and review products.

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Steps to Reviewing Appliances Connection

Appliances Connection   After making your purchase at Appliances Connection, a brief survey will appear wgere you can rate your transaction, including how likely you are to recommend Appliances Connection to others and how likely you are to shop with us again.

Appliances Connection   Ten days after you complete your order, we'll send you a follow-up email containing a link to a page where you can describe your purchasing experience. We always try to ensure your satisfaction and earn high marks.

Product Ratings

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Steps to Rating Appliances Connection's Products

Appliances Connection   Locate your product either by searching the model number directly from our search bar or by locating it within the brand and category sections of our website.

Appliances Connection   In the product specification section of each product page, simply click the stars at the top beneath the product name. You can write a review as long or as short as you place in our product review area.

Appliances Connection   Click "Write a review" to get started!

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