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Since 1976, when a small steel production business in Barrie, Ontario, Canada began pumping out grills instead of steel railings, Napoleon has been manufacturing some of the best, highest quality grills and grilling accessories on the consumer market. With over thirty years of experience, Napoleon grills stand atop a legacy of quality and excellence almost unmatched anywhere in the consumer grilling industry, and their grills possess truly unprecedented grilling power. Their strongest can pump out a staggering 96,000 BTUs of pure grilling power, which means that might and luxury have met.

Napoleon is tailored for the discriminating consumer, and they work with their customer base to develop grills that serve your needs better and better with each iteration. That's why Napoleon employs patented and state-of-the-art infrared technology alongside traditional gas and charcoal grills, giving you the versatility you need to grill the way you want. And all of that sits under beautiful, attractive hoods. Napoleon is an industry leader in industrial design, working hard to seamlessly combine form and function into one cohesive whole. Large size, beautiful design, and world-class burning capacity come together into the perfect grill. That's Napoleon.

You know what else is Napoleon? A steadfast commitment to quality production. That's why every Napoleon grill and grilling accessory is subjected to rigorous testing according to the strictest standard. Napoleon's devotion to excellence has earned them ISO9001-2008 certification, meaning that they conform to the most exacting industry standards for manufacturing quality. Napoleon is a name you can trust, right to the end.

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