Maytag Microwaves

Heat up your next mouthwatering meal instantly with our Maytag Microwaves—first-rate in microwaving technology.

Because second rate should never be an option.


Facts and Features that apply to some, most, or all of our

Maytag Microwaves:

Shimmering Stainless Steel Interior

Who wants a soft appliance? One that’ll break down within the first 6 months of getting it. No, you need something built tough. Something designed to withstand countless trials of culinary heating. A stainless steel champion of your kitchen—just like these Maytag Microwaves. Ready to stand the test of time.

Feels out Cooking Environment

Through the groundbreaking Sensor Cooking System… So smart that it figures out your meal’s individual heating needs and adjusts power and time settings accordingly. For consistently and evenly heated edibles—every time.

Backed By Reheat Sensors

Don’t worry about miscalculating the cooking time. It happens. More often than you’d think. Because of that, the good people of Maytag integrated additional sensors that saves you any hassle by automatically adjusting cooking time—to make sure your meal gets the even cooking it needs.

Pick the Perfect Setting

Remember… with a great number of power levels, comes great responsibility. So no matter what you’ll be heating, you’ll have a huge selection of precise settings. For your cooking pleasure.

No Big Meals Left Out

Big or small, this microwave’s capacity does not leave anything out in the cold. Fit it in. Heat it up. And voila…Chow time!

A Warm Path for All Things Frozen

Several preprogrammed cycles let you efficiently cook all kinds of frozen foods.

Control for Safety

That is… the control lock out. It lets you put the control panel temporarily to rest. Avoiding potential incidents.



  • Over the Range

Venting Type

  • Convertible


  • 24-36”


  • 18”


  • 16-18”


  • 1.5-2.5 cu. ft.

Cooking Watts

  • 900-1200


  • 120

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