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Founded by Ingwer in 1931 in Kitchener, Ontario, this storied company begin as a carpenter making occasional tables in his small workshop. A cabinetmaker by training, Ingwer realized his exceptional skill at woodworking provide him with work during the Depression, and so he began his own business, creating beautiful, intricately-carved wooden products. In time, Ingwer developed a reputation as one of the finest woodworkers around, and built his workshop in a good-sized furniture manufacturer. As Magnussen has grown through the years, it's maintained its core qualities of the best components, the materials, and the best artisanal craftsmanship around. Now run by Ingwer's son Richard Magnussen as CEO, Magnussen has become one of the largest occasional furniture providers and manufacturers in North America, with a well-earned reputation for high quality products and original designs. Every piece of Magnussen furniture, every Magnussen table and every Magnussen dresser, is manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and excellence, designed to the utmost in style and fashion, and to the best in durability. Magnussen is built to last.

With a wide range of furniture including home accents, living room and dining tables, bedroom suites, and a wide range of children's furniture, Magnussen wants to carry you through your whole life, with products for every occasion, room, and circumstance. With every piece made of the only the very finest hardwood solids or the highest quality ironworking, Magnussen is set apart as the very best in their class. That's why is proud to offer Magnussen Furniture.

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Magnussen Bennett

Shop Magnussen Bennett Bedroom Furniture
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Magnussen Cameron

Shop Magnussen Cameron Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Cameron Home Decor
Shop Magnussen Cameron Chairs
Magnussen Diamond

Shop Magnussen Diamond Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Diamond Mounts & Stands
Shop Magnussen Diamond Home Decor
Magnussen Fuqua

Shop Magnussen Fuqua Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Fuqua Mounts & Stands
Shop Magnussen Fuqua Home Decor
Magnussen Gabrielle

Shop Magnussen Gabrielle Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Gabrielle Desks
Shop Magnussen Gabrielle Home Decor
Shop Magnussen Gabrielle Chairs
Magnussen Harrison

Shop Magnussen Harrison Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Harrison Home Decor
Magnussen Kasey

Shop Magnussen Kasey Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Kasey Mounts & Stands
Shop Magnussen Kasey Home Decor
Magnussen Kenley

Shop Magnussen Kenley Bedroom Furniture
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Magnussen Kentwood

Shop Magnussen Kentwood Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Kentwood Home Decor
Magnussen Muirfield

Shop Magnussen Muirfield Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Muirfield Home Decor
Magnussen Nova

Shop Magnussen Nova Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Nova Home Decor
Magnussen Onyx

Shop Magnussen Onyx Mounts & Stands
Shop Magnussen Onyx Bedroom Furniture
Magnussen Palm Bay

Shop Magnussen Palm Bay Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Palm Bay Home Decor
Magnussen Riley

Shop Magnussen Riley Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Riley Desks
Shop Magnussen Riley Home Decor
Shop Magnussen Riley Chairs
Shop Magnussen Riley Bed Accessories
Magnussen Southampton

Shop Magnussen Southampton Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Southampton Home Decor
Magnussen Twilight

Shop Magnussen Twilight Bedroom Furniture
Shop Magnussen Twilight Desks
Shop Magnussen Twilight Mounts & Stands
Shop Magnussen Twilight Home Decor
Shop Magnussen Twilight Chairs
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