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Still a new player in the small home appliances industry, Luma Comfort was founded in 2011 with the goal of developing a diverse range of innovative, high quality appliances tailored to meet the changing needs of modern life. Discouraged by the prevalence of low-quality, mass-produced products on the modern appliances marketplace, the founders of Luma Comfort set out to make a different kind of appliance company that makes a different kind of appliance. With a peerless devotion to innovation and quality, Luma Comfort has set out to reinvent and redefine the small appliance industry with quality, beautiful appliances featuring solid design and top-quality engineering to ensure the best performance. Their continual focus on research and development has led Luma Comfort to unveil a line of matchless products, including evaporative coolers which can lower room temperatures by as much as thirty degrees without wasting electricity, misting fans for a wide variety of applications, portable dehumidifiers offering efficient performance without sacrificing style, and portable ice makers that work quickly and easily, each one a marvel of research and design. Available in residential and commercial grades, these magnificent products combine convenience with environmentally-friendly engineering, eschewing the use of ozone-depleting gases such as Freon.

Young, new, and innovative, Luma Comfort is a revolutionary player in their market. With the best engineering and design and an exceptional commitment to environmental responsibility, they're shaking up their field with every step they take. That's why is proud to offer their products in our catalog of exceptional things.

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