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Founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr and specializing in construction equipment used to rebuild the ruins of postwar Germany, Liebherr has always had a strong focus on innovative solutions to practical problems. Now a world industry leader in many sectors including construction equipment, airplane components, and home refrigeration, Liebherr continues their tradition of innovation and quality manufacturing. With over fifty years of experience in manufacturing cooling technology and equipment, Liebherr produces a wide range of refrigeration products, each with that characteristic German efficiency of design and reliability of service. With integrated components, Liebherr refrigeration products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design we've all come to expect from the top European manufacturers of which Liebherr is a recognized leader. Their name has come to be synonymous with innovation, skill, and determination. That's why this globally-recognized specialist in refrigeration and freezer technology is at the forefront of technological and design innovation in the name of a better icebox.

From trendsetting materials and timeless lines, Liebherr is always distinct; nothing of any lesser quality can be mistaken for a Leibherr, whose unique identity makes it a tangible expression of the sort of magnificent construction, dependable performance, and innovative design they've come to be known for. Whether you need low humidity or high humidity, their patented Biofresh system will surely let you find the perfect complement for your refrigeration needs. It's this commitment to innovation and design that's earned Leibherr a place in our carefully-curated catalog of exceptional things.

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