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Since it was founded in 1958, LG has been one of the world's most prominent leaders in a wide variety of industries, from consumer electronics to telecommunications to chemical production to home appliances. And, as one of the most consistently innovative players in every industry they take part in, LG is always at the forefront of technology. That's why you can trust that, when you buy LG, you're buying the absolute best. And their home appliances are no different. Whether you need a top of line refrigerator, washing machine, vaccuum, dishwasher, or dryer, LG is offering the best in the industry in every category. Taking full advantage of their world-class research and development departments with some of the world's most innovative engineers and developers, LG offers the advanced Turbowash line of washing machines, which includes integrated steam cleaning to remove tough wrinkles, advanced cold water cleaning which gets a warm water performance, and with TrueBalance, the quietest, most stable wash in the game. All that, and it still saves you twenty minutes on large loads! That's the sort of innovative, forward-facing design and engineering you can expect with LG. Their promise is the most advanced technology to make your life that much easier. carries the full range of LG appliances in laundry services and beyond. Clean design, functional machines, and sustainable production mean that LG produces products you can really get behind. With each one of them rigorously tested and conforming to the most stringent production regulations and guidelines, each of their products is guaranteed for reliability, durability, and performance. And with LG a longstanding partner in the EnergyStar initiative, you can trust that these energy-efficient products won't harm the environment.

LG. Innovation and Reliability, together at last.

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LG - Save up to $300
Receive up to $75 delivery & installation rebate for each qualifying LG appliance.

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LG Power Pair $100 Bundle Rebate
Get a $100 rebate by mail-in or online submission when you purchase an eligible LG ProBake Convection Range with an over-the-range Microwave.

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LG - Up To $400 Spring Kitchen Bundle Savings
Purchase a 4-piece LG kitchen package and receive up to $400 mail-in or online rebate via prepaid card. Must purchase one item from the following categories: Refrigerator, Range/Wall Oven, Microwave/Cooktop and Dishwasher.

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