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LG Ovens

Your next meal shouldn’t be ordinary. It should be something special.

Something Extraordinary.

Our line of LG Ovens offer you the opportunity to transport your food into a world where average does not exist.

Efficient and affordable masterpiece cooking machines—whether they’re electric or gas.
They always get the job done… in extraordinary fashion.


So you had yourself a night of heavy cooking. And now your oven’s caked in grime.

I’ve got a long night ahead, you think. But don’t sweat it.

LG ovens include a simple-to-use and chemical-free EasyClean button.

Just spray the enamel interior. Press the EasyClean button. And wipe the residue away after 20 minutes.  

You’ll have a clean, sparkling and ready-to-cook-again interior in no time.


These ovens are some of the largest in the industry, putting them among the crème de la crème in oven size. So you can save time by cooking more dishes at once—no matter how many people you’re catering to.


The Infrared Grill eliminates the need to preheat because it broils from the beginning. Enhancing cooking speed by 20% while still delivering mouthwatering and delicious meals.

Convection cooking is another feature that advanced traditional convection cooking with a much improve method of heat distribution.

LG’s double element is the undisputed most powerful one in the market. It’s comprised of two 3,200 watt cooktop rings—delivering a whopping total of 6,400 watts of power.

You can also keep full temperature control with the PreciseType Bake System, included with LG ovens.

Don’t Settle For Ordinary.

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