LG Dishwashers

So you need an ultra-powerful dishwasher that can knock out the most stubborn grime from your dishes. But it also needs to be gentle enough to not overwhelm your more delicate plates.
In that case, check out our LG Dishwashers—an innovator in dishwashing technology.

This sleek and efficient machine gives you exactly what you’re looking for…while greatly improving your kitchen design.



Facts and Features that apply to some, most, or all of our

No Need for a Wash… Once You Steam Wash

You get the best of both worlds through TrueSteam. A technology possessing both the unrivaled toughness needed to eliminate the most stubbornly grimed pots and pans…and the suave touch your more gentle dishes beckon for.

Vibrantly Lit LED Controls

You won’t find this shining panel on the front. Nope. Our integrated LG Dishwashers carry the controls on the top… giving this appliance a seamless and uniform look that blends in with the rest of your kitchen.

You Won’t Hear a Thing

Running at 50dB, this dishwasher is as quiet as a cat in the night. Largely thanks to the groundbreaking combination of the 3-stage filtration system and the DirectDrive motor—built for the silence.

An Independent Duo

Upper and lower racks have wash cycles that can be fully customized. So feel free to raise or lower the intensity for either of these whenever the situation calls for it.



  • Built In

Exterior Width

  • 24”


  • 24-25”


  • 32-34”


  • 4-8

Control Style

  • Fully Integrated
  • Semi-Integrated


  • 13-16 place settings

Noise Level

  • 40-55 dBA

Energy Star

It’s the perfect combination of power and grace.

So what are you waiting for?

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