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Ever since it was founded by JR Zioni over forty years ago, Lava Heat Italia has been bring the best of Italian design and Italian engineering to the American marketplace. Necessity being the mother of invention, Lava Heat was founded in response to a problem: the only outdoor heaters on the market were underpowered, underperforming, unattractive, and overpriced. Recognizing that there had to be a better way, JR Zioni assembled a crack team of the most innovative and forward-thinking Italian engineers and designers with one goal in mind: to conquer the outdoor heating industry with an outdoor heater that combined the raw power of a fighter jet with the elegance of the Sistine Chapel. Now, forty years later, Lava Heat Italia produces a wide range of outdoor and patio heating products that are as effective as they are beautiful to look at, each imbued with the understated, minimalist lines of modern European design, built of stainless steel, aluminum and powder-coated metal, and engineered to withstand the brunt of the elements. These aren't only the most beautiful outdoor heaters on the market today, and not only the most functional ones, too, but they're also the safest, most reliable, most trustworthy outdoor heaters out there, too.

Every Lava Heat Italia outdoor heater is engineered to provide you with years of dependable service. Every unit is built to meet the standards of numerous industries, including commercial usage, and is rigorously tested for safety and reliability. That's why you know that you can trust Lava Heat Italia.

Lava Heat Series

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