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Kids will be kids" isn't just a truism at KidKusion; it's their motto and their mission. Kids will be kids. They're natural explorers, inquisitive little scientists discovering the world around them, something new and terrifying and grand. And that means they'll end up where they don't belong, presumably at high speed and with abandon. That's where KidKusion comes in. The longtime babyproofing experts, KidKusion has been offering products to make your home just a little bit safer since 1991. These foam corner cushions, hearth guards, rail guards, and more are designed to keep your little ones where they're safe and to prevent them from injuring themselves by plowing headlong into a table. Nobody wants that, and that's why KidKusion wants to gives kids a safe space in which they can do what comes naturally. From their original hearth guard, KidKusion's product line has expanded into more and more innovative child safety products to help you turn your home into a babyproof bumper zone where they'll be free to run and jump and careen.

And KidKusion cares about more than indoor safety, and has a line of outdoor products, too, including the Retractable Driveway Guard which creates a visible barrier in between the yard and the road, perfect to keep your children from wandering off into traffic. Your kids are going to explore. It's essential for their sound neurological development. But their getting hurt isn't, and that's why KidKusion works hard to help you make your home safe for little ones to discover.

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