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Originally founded at 3M by a cadre of engineers from IBM during the first computing revolution in the 1950's, Imation was spun off into its own company in 1996 as part of the quest to find a way to decouple data from the computer. Imation paved the way in the development of portable data storage solutions leading to today's amazing, cloud-based digital storage paradigm. Whether it's unified storage, data tiering and archiving, virtualization, cloud deployments, PaaS, SaaS, PBBA's, or a refresh of data security standards in the organization, Imation is at the forefront of deploying modern data storage techniques effectively for businesses and IT managers alike. Imation is here to help you make sure your data is protected, preserved, and available on demand.

Since its founding, Imation has always pushed boundaries forward, focusing on scalable data storage and date security, developing IronKey -- the World's Most Secure Flash Drives™, as well as other platforms for data security and access, serving millions of customers the world over with the sort of high-tier data storage solutions they've been looking for. Their world-class portfolio of quality digital storage products and audio & video electronics has made them a global leader, not only in data security, but in consumer-level data storage and home audio/video technology.

It's this commitment to innovation and quality production that has made Imation a world leader in every field they serve, and it's what has earned them their well-deserved place in our carefully curated catalog of remarkable things.