GE Stainless Steel Refrigerators

Don’t waste time or money on fancy refrigerators with a million “smart” features you’ll never use.

So why not get a smartly designed and usable model?

The state-of-the-art stainless steel GE Café Refrigerator is a convenient, practical, and sleekly designed model available in side-by-sides and French door types.


Maybe you’re always forgetting to close the fridge door. Or maybe it’s your kids who don’t remember to after late night sprints to the fridge for a brief food scarfing session.
Regardless of the situation, you have nothing to worry about. The GE Café Refrigerator has your back.

It has a family friendly feature that sets off an alarm whenever the door is left open for a long period of time. Alerting you of the culinary transgression. Saving your food from spoiling—hence keeping some money in your pockets.

This model is also great for the nostalgic types. By allowing you to upload pictures directly into the LED screen on the front door (particularly the French door models), your family and friends will never be out of sight.


Temperature sensitive LED lights line up the interior—changing as the internal temperature does. But it doesn’t stop there. The GE Café refrigerator also comes with a precision water-dispenser.

Whether you’re trying to watch your figure or following a cooking recipe, this dispenser pours out exact amounts (set it to milliliters, ounces, etc.). Just set the desired measurement.

Push the button to pour. The stream stops when it hits your designated measurement.


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