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For decades, GE has cultivated a well-deserved reputation as the masters of home appliance design and manufacture. With unmatched quality, durability, and resilience, GE products are designed to last a lifetime. That's what makes them the best. And now, GE brings the Profile series, a collection of products made to meet -- and exceed -- their highest standards for excellence. These top of the line high-end products combine the best in contemporary industrial design with the height of modern engineering and appliance technologies to help transform your whole life. Sporting bold, dramatic lines, stainless steel construction, and some of the most exciting features you'll find anywhere, GE Profile is a profile in wonder.

GE Profile-series appliances are designed to reflect modern style and modern life, with minimal curves, clean lines, and a look that helps it to blend in with any kitchen; after all, the best technology is the technology that just works, that technology you never notice at all. That's the goal with GE Profile; you'll know it's great because of its invisibility, and you'll know its beautiful from its refusal to make a show of itself. Understated but amazingly functional -- these are the hallmarks of good design, and they're hallmarks that GE Profile brings forth in spades. Amazing to behold, easy to use, GE Profile features advanced features which will forever transform how you use your kitchen.

You can trust in the plain and simple fact that GE Profile is the best kitchen technology you'll be able to find: beautiful appliances that

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GE - Save up to $425
Receive up to $75 mail-in rebate for each qualifying GE appliance. Get a $100 bonus rebate with purchase of a 4-piece kitchen package (Refrigerator + Range + Dishwasher + Microwave). Get another $100 bonus rebate with purchase of a washer and dryer pair.

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GE - Save up to $1500 (Memorial Day Savings)
Purchase 2 or more qualifying GE appliances and get back up to $1500 mail-in rebate.

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