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Bioethanol Fireplaces

Bioethanol fireplaces are a remarkable new development in home heating. These smokeless, odorless fireplaces use bioethanol, a fuel source derived from organic sources, to generate clean flame. These eco-friendly fireplaces do not require a fuel source hookup and are easy to both install and maintain. So if you want a smart flame that requires virtually no infrastructure and won't smoke up your house, try bioethanol.
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Bio-Blaze BBD24853B
BBD24853B Black Diamond Bio Ethanol Burning Fireplace with 3 Round Burners
  • Type: Fireplace
  • Fuel Type: Bioethanol
  • Wall Mountable: Yes
  • Corner: No

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BBD24852SS Stainless Steel $154.50 $1030.00
BBD24851SIL Silver $154.50 $1030.00
BBD24853B Black   $875.50
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Napoleon WMFE1K
WMFE1K Corner Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace With Stainless Steel Reflective Interior, Glass Fender, Wall Mounting Brackets & Standard Stainless Steel Matte Black Outer Frame
  • Type: Fireplace
  • Width: 28.25"
  • Fuel Type: Bioethanol
  • Wall Mountable: Yes
  • Corner: Yes

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WMFE1K Fireplace $899.00
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