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Ergomotion Beds

Ergomatic is at the forefront of bringing the humble adjustable bed kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. For years this comfortable and convenient style of bedding was maligned as a retiree plaything, something hawked on late-night infomercials. That's when an acclaimed French automobile designer and a humble mattress seller teamed up to transform the entire category into something stylish, quiet, and desirable.

Six years later, Ergomatic is one of the leading creators of adjustable beds on the market and remains a small family business. You can find Ergomatic beds in hotels, resorts and high end homes across the globe. The genius is in the Power Foundation, which has none of the external trappings of a traditional adjustable bed, only when you use the wireless remote does the quiet electric motor spring to life, moving the head and foot sections for maximum comfort and health benefits. Available in most standard sizes, these beds are easy to install and can even be dropped into your existing bed frame. When paired with a comfortable Visco Foam mattress, you can enjoy "zero gravity" rest that completely eliminates pressure points and completely alleviates a tired body after a long day.

Ergomotion Series

Ergomotion 400
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