Fuel Type (Ovens)

  • Gas Ovens use the combustion of natural gas to generate heat. They are the preferred oven type in most households and are known to have very fast pre-heat time and uniform cooking. Gas ovens are used by all sorts of cooks, from amateurs, novices, and hobbyists to professional chefs.
  • Electric Ovens, built right into the wall in your kitchen, are easy to clean and space-saving appliances. When electricity runs through the coil, which resists an electrical current, friction then converts the electricity to heat and light. This is very similar to the way a light bulb produces heat and light, hence the "glowing" and warmth released from the coil. However, often they take longer to pre-heat and cool off than a gas oven would.
  • Dual Fuel Ranges are a relatively new form of cooking. They are unique because they use a gas stove top for easier cooking and use an electric oven for more fuel efficient baking.
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