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Broan brand of appliances concentrates in everything ventilation. They provide effective solutions for range hoods, heating, exhaust fans and some accessories and options with trash compactors and ironing centers. Broan was founded in 1932, by Henry Broan, with the creation of the Motordor kitchen fan which was enjoyed as a solution for quiet and capable ventilation. The success of that ventilation system set the momentum in which the company Broan-NuTone LLC was launched. Following in 1936, a new melodious door chime was created by J. Ralph Corbett which replaced the standard door buzzer. This new invention started the company NuTone, Inc. Between the two companys of Broan and NuTone involving a long history with mergers and acquisitions, which included a few company name changes which finally settled on Broan-NuTone LLC. Broan is dedicated to maintain an industry leadership in progressive thinking with products in residential ventilation systems, customized climate, communications and storage ideas.

Broan provides superior customer service. They relish in the acknowledgement of over 80% of U.S. homeowners incorporate a Broan, NuTone or Best (affiliated company) brand product within their home. Broan maintains the status of being a competitor on a global scale with manufacturing some of the best and innovative products to satisfy the consumers’ needs.

Their commitment is to developing products to revolutionize the industry and improve the environment for consumers’ living space. Broan also strives to satisfy eco-conscious concerns by keeping green with implementing designs in qualifying for Energy Star, U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and the National Association of Home Builder’s standards for Green building techniques.

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