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For over a quarter of a century, Vinotemp has been an industry leader in wine storage, building some of the finest products in their field. A full-service manufacturer of custom wood cabinets and racking, Vinotemp specializes in all aspects of the wine storage business, and has sold more than 250,000 wine cellars in the United States and overseas. Dedicated to quality and innovation, Vinotemp also has a profound design sensibility which can be seen in every product they sell. Every item is built to order, custom made, and manufactured proudly in the United States. You won't be shipped a stock unit from a warehouse, but a wine cabinet constructed by hand in consultation with you, built to your specifications to meet your needs.

Vinotemp is so dedicated to providing the best wine storage you can find that they launched their own wine cooling systems brand, Wine-Mate, which serves all of their wine cellars. With Wine-Mate and its superior construction and engineering, they're able to ensure optimal quality for that all-important question of temperature control, which is vital in wine storage. This is a business that cares deeply about its field, and is willing to do everything they can to ensure a quality product that does it's job and customer satisfaction. is proud to offer Vinotemp products. In our quest to offer only the best products here on our website, you can be sure that Vinotemp has a rightful place.

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