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Since 1937, when Carr P. Collins, Sr. founded Vent-A-Hood, this venerable company has had an obsessive devotion to excellent, quality products. Built upon their patented MagicLung technology, which has been the heart and soul of their range hoods since the beginning, Vent-A-Hood range hoods provide the quietest ventilation possible. Never before has trapping and removing cooking contaminants like grease vapor and heat-polluted air been so pleasant or easy, with 300 CFM of air movement and flexible configurations allowing multiple blowers under a single hood. V may be for Vent-A-Hood, but it's also for versatility.

Once upon a time, Vent-A-Hood range hoods were hand-made hours after an order had been taken in a small workshop in Dallas, Texas. This artisanal construction ensured the highest quality, as skilled workers took their time to see to it that every hood was perfect. While times, and manufacturing methods have changed, and Vent-A-Hood range hoods are now made in a modern factory, their commitment to bringing you the best range hoods anywhere on the market hasn't changed one bit. They still employ trained, highly skilled workers and craftsmen, and each hood is still individually engineered to ensure its best performance. Vent-A-Hood has never forgotten its roots.

And that's why we at carry them. Their commitment to quality mirrors our commitment to only bring you the best products available, and Vent-A-Hood range hoods are certainly in a class by themselves. They've been a leader in the industry for seventy-five years, and we expect them to keep that flame burning well into the future.

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