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Ever since it was founded in 1996, Lynx has had a vision: to provide the world with luxurious outdoor cooking appliances easily differentiated from the barbecue grill. And, for nearly twenty years, that's what Lynx Grills has accomplished by matching the rugged needs of outdoor cooking appliances with the same high standards or commercial restaurant kitchen products and fixtures, resulting in spectacular stainless steel grills made to the highest specifications of the commercial world. Consider these the "professional" class of grill, where the rugged durability of the traditional barbecue grill joins hands with commercial quality, capacity, and pure cooking power. And Lynx Grills are certainly rugged; every one is designed to withstand the most trying, hazardous of outdoor weather conditions without any decline in performance or decay of materials. This innovative approach to outdoor cooking has earned Lynx Grills the coveted title of "world's greatest grill," an honor universally bestowed upon their stainless steel grilling machines. That's why Lynx sets the standard for design, innovation, and engineering in the outdoor cooking industry it helped to create and shepherd. When you buy Lynx, you're buying the original.

Now, Lynx's eye-catching design and rugged durability is available is available in five models, both built-in and freestanding, and ranging in size from 27" to 54". With a peerless dedication to quality engineering, quality design, and quality service, you know that Lynx is an investment in the future that will serve you for years to come. That's why is proud to include Lynx Grills in our catalog of exceptional things.

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