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Founded in Campodarsego near historic Venice in 1952, ILVE has for more than fifty years been a leader in the manufacture of home and commercial ranges. Standing atop a tradition so strong, a tradition of excellence in manufacture and exceptional design, ILVE works hard to live up to the legacy it has made for itself, and to always produce the finest ranges on the market throughout the world. That's why every ILVE range is hand-assembled by a single master craftsman in the fabricca out of only the best, highest quality components. This dedication to hand manufacture means that no ILVE range is mass produced, manufactured by machines on an impersonal assembly line by workers who care nothing for product. Instead, loving care does into every stop of the process, where the end product isn't money, but quality and a satisfied customer. This process also means that every ILVE is open to endless customization and reconfiguration according to your individual needs, desires, or styles. In the end, the end goal is always to give you, the customer, the best range to suit your home and lifestyle, and that's a commitment ILVE stands by to the end.

The quality of ILVE products is clear just by looking; the clean lines, the sheen of the perfect stainless steel, the perfection characterizes every range, proof that the were made by honest, hardworking craftsmen devoted to exceptional work. It's this mastery of production that has made ILVE an industry leader in the luxury range market, and it's why we carry them. Their commitment to excellence is our commitment to you.

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Save 3% on Ilve/Verona Range
Designers and architects may receive 3% cash back via mail-in rebate with purchase of Ilve and/or Verona Range(s).

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ILVE - Save up to $1000 on Non 'D' Majestic Ranges
Purchase select ILVE Majestic 48" Non 'D' Series Range and receive a $1000 mail-in rebate. Purchase the 36" model and receive a $500 mail-in rebate.

Postmark by August 31, 2016

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