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Replacing Old Home Appliances With Newer Models For Energy Efficiency

Posted on Thursday, 24th of May 2012, 04:49:03 PM

Replacing Old Home Appliances with Newer Models for Energy Efficiency
Replacing old home appliances with energy-efficient kitchen appliances does not only allow you benefit from great new features, but they also help you save the environment and minimize costs on your monthly utility bills.

Kitchen appliances with the Energy Star label meet the energy efficiency requirements set forth by federal government standards. The US Environmental Protection Agency bases these specifications on a set of key principles.

According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the energy efficient standards helped every household save $2000 each or a total of $200 billion nationwide since its inception in 1987 with the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act. These standards also cut down the electricity use by 5 percent and decreased the pollution levels from electricity-producing power plants by more than 2 percent.

Newer models of kitchen appliances like refrigerators consume 75 percent less energy than older models. For refrigerators with the Energy Star label, homeowners can save an additional 15 percent since they have better insulation, more efficient compressors, and more accurate temperature control and defrost systems. Meanwhile, newer models of dishwashers are not only energy efficient but also offer better cleaning capabilities. Dishwashers with the Energy Star label can also be 25 percent more efficient than home appliances that meet the minimum federal standards.

Online home appliance stores offer rebates and discounts for their products, including energy efficient kitchen appliances. Some can even go as far providing free delivery and installation of purchased products. By replacing old appliance models with newer and energy efficient or Energy Star labeled ones, homeowners can have a practical and cost-effective way of saving the environment. offers energy efficient home appliances from top brands like LG, GE, Electrolux, Bosch, Maytag, Samsung and so much more. The website also offers free shipping, manufacturer's rebates, and even a ten-year component warranty for all shoppers. For more information on its kitchen appliances, visit or call 800-299-9470.
Nestor Lozada


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