5 Best Holiday Kitchen Appliances for the Frequent Host | 2016

Turkey: Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner

We’re going to walk you through the top ten best appliances of 2016 for the frequent entertainer so you’ll know exactly what you need to have in your arsenal. The Holiday Feast Season has officially begun– as has the Holiday Shopping Season– and if you’re the host, you’re going to want to put out a spread that’ll have your guests gushing all year long. Sure, your recipes are important, but those steps are nothing without the appliances you need to prepare them!  Read more…

Best Black Friday Appliance Deals!

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We’ve previously stated that Black Friday is the best time to buy and we stand by that! We’re going to highlight just a handful of the amazing deals going on right now at the year’s best prices!
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The Best Bosch Appliances for a Flawless Thanksgiving Dinner!

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Thanksgiving is only a day away, and we all know that cooking for thanksgiving dinner can be quite stressful and time consuming. While most food blogs and top chefs recommend that you start preparing days before Thanksgiving, it’s equally possible to create a delicious meal in far less time with the right tools. Read more…

The Best Wall Oven for Holiday Cooking | 2016


The oven is undoubtedly the most used holiday appliance, so it’s important to have a reliable, fast, and versatile unit that will work with you to make your holiday feast the most memorable meal of the year. We’ve chosen a Bosch Benchmark model that offers superior culinary features, and innovative design elements to make sure your holiday meal is a feast to remember. Read more…

Thermador Appliances in Home Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2016!


Come take a look into the 2016 Kitchen of the Year from House Beautiful designed by Matthew Quinn. Full of innovation and design elements to watch, this is a great source of inspiration for your next kitchen project! We’re going to share our favorite parts of the design with you and give you a look at the appliances that gave the design the power and functionality it needed to be the complete package of culinary perfection! Read more…

The New Multi-Oven Range That Does it All!

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AGA has been making quality cooking appliances since the 1920s. They’re a luxury brand and their range collections covered both ends of the spectrum– the powerful and staunch AGA Professional line, and the timeless sophistication of the AGA Legacy ranges. AGA has since come out with two new lines that, again, offer two beautiful styles with totally unique designs. Read more…

Steam, Speed, & Convection: What Does That Mean & Which Should You Buy?


When it comes to specialty ovens, you’ve got quite an array of cooking styles to chose from– each with their own pros and cons. We’re going to walk you through the basics of Steam, Convection, Steam Convection, & Speed Convection ovens so you can make an informed decision and find the best cooking companion for you! Read more…