Food Preservation is the New Green



by April Khan, Appliances Connection

Just a few short years ago, we were all warned about Global Warming and the effects it would have on our planet. From that moment forward, home appliance manufacturers began looking for ways to make appliances run more efficiently, while using less energy. Meanwhile, smartphone manufacturers were creating a slew of new handsets capable of doing everything from conversing with their owners to controlling smart appliances.  But the newest appliances have an added bonus — they save food.

Standard refrigerators — more specifically, those old boxy ones from 20 years ago — had two basic settings: chill and freeze. That was about the gist of it. If you wanted something chilled, put it in the refrigerator, if you want something frozen, place it up top in the freezer.

With a few slight advances over the years, we could change the temperature in the refrigerator to many different levels of cold, but food still spoiled. This was because the average refrigerator lacked compartments. If you wanted to keep your milk extra cold, you’d have to lower the temperature. The downside to this cold glass of milk was frozen salad, frozen apples and solid tubs of yogurt. Obviously, upon thawing these foods they would spoil and have to be tossed out. This lead to an increase in food wastage and a higher instance of carbon emissions.

According to World Food Day USA, more than $1 Trillion of the world’s food supply is wasted. In the United States, the average person wastes about 20 pounds of food per month. Most of this food is fresh (or unprocessed). The result — an excess in methane gas emissions.

To cut back on this wastage, LG, Samsung and Panasonic innovated a few ways for today’s families to adjust the temperature of each food type without spoiling the others.

Let’s take a peak:

Panasonic – created special blue and green LED lights for their vegetable crisper drawer. The lights work to keep vegetables fresher, longer by discouraging oxidation.

LG – created a special chill drawer that has 4 different temperature controls. They also created a neat technology called Door-in-Door, which allows people to open a special access section outside of the main refrigerator. This compartment is large enough to hold lunch and snack items, and there’s no risk of temperature dips when grabbing them since the compartment is on the outside.

Samsung – innovated a special feature called ‘triple cooling technology (TCT)’. TCT allows users to  preserve different types of foods on different temperatures with no risk of wastage.

These technologies along with a few others are set to decrease food wastage, food buying costs and energy costs all at once. The price tag for these refrigerators may be a bit steep, but the lifelong savings they provide will certainly outweigh the cost.

For more information on food preservation, please visit the following resources:

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The Big, Bold, LG French-Door Refrigerator



April Khan, Appliances Connection

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, but not just any refrigerator, a reliable one that’s both beautiful and useful, LG has just the thing — a French-door masterpiece.

French door refrigerators are BIG, in fact, they’re almost double the size of an average fridge. And they should be — they’re not average. LG’s French door refrigerators are packed with useful features and that signature sleek, almost robotic look that LG has come to be known for. They’ve always been big on staying ahead of the competition, so why have they joined the competition in creating a French-door refrigerator? The answer is simple – they’re useful.

They’ve always been big on staying ahead of the competition, so why have they joined the competition in creating a French-door refrigerator? The answer is simple – they’re useful.

Most households are limited to how much food they can store in their refrigerators, they’re even limited to buying food of a certain size.  French-door refrigerators allow you to pack it in. Like really pack it in. They’re designed to maximize shelf space, so the inside of a French-door refrigerator is like a parking lot for your food. Also, the double-door design makes food more accessible and easier to reach. The bottom freezer is perfect for stacking boxed goods or freezing large roasts and poultry.

Here, let’s take a glimpse at what else you can get with an LG French-door refrigerator.


The biggest problem with refrigerators in general, is that they don’t adapt to your environment. Upgrading from a retro kitchen to a country kitchen? You’ll have to buy another fridge. LG refrigerator designs are inclusive, so there’s no need to keep purchasing another one. They’ve kept the design pretty standard, so no matter what kind of kitchen you have, this fridge will keep it looking modern.


Quick Grab Section

Newer LG refrigerators (French-door and side-by-side) contain a hidden storage feature called Door-in-Door. This extra door is actually integrated into the main door on the left. In this compartment, you’ll find enough space to store snacks, bottles of juice, lunch containers and more. LG created this new feature for families who take frequent trips to the refrigerator to grab snacks.

Bonus * It prevents 47% cold air loss, which keeps food fresher, longer.

More Space

French-door refrigerators are larger than the average side-by-side model — but LG refrigerators are even larger. Their Super Capacity LFX31945ST is a mammoth cooling machine that runs as quiet as a mouse. This French-door model boasts 31. cu. ft of space and over 20% more usable space than any other refrigerator style. This is largely due to adjustable shelves and of course, the Door-in-Door feature mentioned above.


Custom Chill Compartment

Select LG French-Door refrigerators have a CustomChill drawer. This drawer is located under the main gallery and above the deep freezer. There are 4 temperature settings you can choose from, which range from soft freeze to chilled. In addition to these adjustable settings, the drawer is wide enough to store a large sheet cake, several tubs of ice cream, a family-sized deli platter or an entire roast.

I could really go on about the many benefits you’d gain from choosing an LG French-Door Refrigerator, but now that I’ve given you a taster, it’s time to see one for yourself.

Visit Appliances Connection to shop our latest stock of LG French Door Refrigerators. Also, feel free to browse the resources below for more details.


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First There Was Mr. Ed, Now There’s Whirlpool Smart Washers



By April Khan, Appliances Connection

Remember that humorous talking horse Mr.Ed? If you don’t, allow me to recap. Mr. Ed was a horse that suddenly gained the ability to talk. After eavesdropping on innocent passersby, his vocabulary began to flourish and he learned secrets about the neighborhood residents. When people would pass by, he’d reveal one of these secrets, and, of course, leave the person wondering “where did that voice come from?”

His ability to talk was a fantasy we all secretly shared. In reality, we knew he wasn’t speaking. We knew he was only chewing a carrot while someone else spoke for him. But, somewhere in the world, someone wanted to make this dream come true. Not to teach animals to speak (that’s already underway), but to make inanimate objects speak, in particular, washers.

Introducing, Whirlpool’s Smart Washer!


But Why Should Washers Talk?

If you attended CES, you would have heard an inspiring speech about energy savings and smart technology from every talking appliance manufacturer, but what really stood out was the answer that Whirlpool gave. They said they wanted to make a Whirlpool washer that would act as an assistant. One that could learn and then predict what you wanted from it.

A talking appliance that’s also psychic you say? Hmm…

When I first saw a “smart” Whirlpool washer, I thought it was just another hi-tech washer with flashy smart buttons and limited smart options, but CES 2015 allowed me to see a little more of what these new washers had to offer. Unlike some of the other smart washers unveiled by different manufacturers, Whirlpool washers spoke. Of course there’s a catch to this function, you have to have Nest. Nest is the key to getting this washer to actually strike up a conversation. But you’ll never ‘hear’ the conversation. It isn’t meant for you to hear. It’s a private conversation that goes on between Nest and the Whirlpool washer once you leave home.

Nest knows when you’re home or away, so it sends the “psst psst, it’s time to party, mom and dad are gone” code to your washer. And within a millisecond your washer — that was pretending to be asleep when you were home — wakes up and begins troublemaking. Not really. It’s actually a pretty good kid.

This Whirlpool washer listens to Nest, like a little brother taking cues from an elder brother. It uses the time when you are away to soak, wash and spin your clothes at the perfect temperature and in the perfect amount time.

But What if you don’t want Nest?

Then there’s good news. These Whirlpool washers can perform the same with or without Nest. All you need is a smart Whirlpool washer and the Whirlpool washer app. Nest is just a handsome extra. If your phone is off or you forget to set your washer, Nest will kick in to help.

In Conclusion….

We will never train horses to talk, or even hope hard enough that they will do so on their own one day, but we can make our washers talk to other appliances. Think of Whirlpool’s new washers as the Furbies of our time. Just leave them for a few hours and see how much work gets done. (Too bad they can’t load themselves or sort colors yet, but I’m sure that’s coming soon.)

Are you in the market for a new Whirlpool washer or dryer? If you are, Visit Appliances Connection and scroll through our vast selection.

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The Samsung French-Door Revolution



By April Khan, Appliances Connection

The French-Door Revolution is here — and there’s no stopping it now, according to Samsung.

A French-door refrigerator is the natural upgrade from a traditional side-by side fridge-freezer. They’re more spacious, more practical for a growing household and they look better. But… Samsung found a way to make them even more practical, more useful and more beautiful.

When asked what the inspiration was behind their newest French-door model, Samsung Consumer Electronics CEO BK Yoon said:

“I asked our designers to develop a new concept for refrigerators. The first thing they did? Study how people use their refrigerators. How families compete for space. The result? A clever storage system. No more chaos, and a happier home.”

They listened to the little guy.


Most refrigerator manufacturers compete for space and esthetic appeal, but Samsung decided to lead the French-door refrigerator market by paying attention to the little guys – the kids. Why shouldn’t they have a special part of the refrigerator to call their own? A section to store their goodies, and of course, a section that’s well within their reach.

Traditional refrigerators leave bottom shelf space for produce drawers, cans and containers. There’s not much hope of putting sandwiches or anything else worth eating right away in this area. It also tends to be the coldest area in the fridge, so if you’ve been unfortunate enough to store a few salads or sandwiches down there, you probably discovered a frozen, soggy mess the next day.


French-door refrigerators make better use of this space in general, but Samsung refrigerators, made excellent use of it. For one, they moved the bottom shelf area up into the main French-door gallery. Where the bottom shelves used to be, is now reserved for a freezer and adjustable cooling area. This adjustable cooling area is a fourth door on the right side of the unit. You can use it as a fridge or a freezer, or a kiddie snack spot which is really neat. For kids, this is an excellent spot to go in and out of the fridge without having to move anything or get yelled at for leaving the door open too long. We’ve all been there!

They made it accident-proof?

The top gallery reveals oversized storage shelves that are spill-proof and super hard to break. The top shelf,  also known as “the most annoying shelf of all,”  is fully adjustable, so no more having to push your Brita filter in with force. As a matter of fact, you can store it in one of the Gallon-sized bins within your door, and leave the top shelf for things worth looking at like cake or baked lasagna. The shelves are also LED-lit for easier navigation at night. (In other words, it’s easier to sneak a piece of that lasagna without using external lights — but you didn’t hear that from me. )

Speaking of extra doors…


Samsung refrigerators made wonderful use of their door real estate by embedding an additional door. This feature is called Showcase, and it’s simply a cooling section hidden within the top right door of the unit. With the click of a button, the outside door pops open, revealing a glass partitioned cooling area big enough to store bottles, gallon jugs, tupperware and snacks. This feature keeps energy costs low by protecting food within the main gallery from sudden increases in temperature.

And while you’re jumping for joy at the Showcase…

Why not listen to “Happy” on Pandora right from your refrigerator door. Select Samsung French-door refrigerators have integrated tablet screens and WiFi connectivity. You can check the weather, schedule your next meal on Google Calendar, stream music or write notes, all without leaving your refrigerator.

How’s that for leading the revolution?

 To read more about Samsung refrigerators, check out the resources below.

Is there another refrigerator you’d like us to review? Another brand worthy of being highlighted? If so, drop us a line and we’ll get our researcher glasses on!


Reviews in Motion:

3 Benefits of a Bottom Freezer



By April Khan, Appliances Connection

Buying your first refrigerator can be both fun and confusing. There are so many different types, features and finishes to choose from that shopping around becomes more of a chore than a recreation. It’s very easy to lose sight of the end goal, which is ultimately to buy a feature-packed refrigerator that looks great.

But what about door orientation?

You may think that a refrigerator’s door orientation is just a matter of looks, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The way a refrigerator is designed on the inside determines how the doors are orientated on the outside. For the sake of providing you with the most information, we’ve decided to cover each door orientation separately. So in this blog, we will explain the benefits of a bottom freezer, in particular, a bottom freezer drawer.

You can stock more food in it

There’s no mistaking it. You can store a lot more in a bottom freezer than a top freezer. Top freezers lack the depth that you’d get from a bottom freezer. They also lack drawers. With a top freezer, visual ease is the main goal, so there’s not much in the way of storage contraptions. You just have to stack your foods as best as you can to make them easier to grab and see. Bottom freezers however, have deep bins or drawers to help you organize your goods. They’re also bigger so you can fit more.

It’s in line with our primal nature

Thousands of years ago we had to bury food in the snow to freeze it; and as we evolved, bending down to grab frozen food became the norm. Somewhere along the way, we decided that reaching up for frozen food was more convenient — but there was one slight problem. The fresh food was placed below eye level, so we got used to grabbing frozen processed foods instead of healthier unprocessed foods. This of course lead to many of the health issues we suffer from today– which were virtually unheard of 100 years ago. Bottom freezers encourage you to grab healthier fresh foods and to reach for frozen foods sparingly.

You get a bigger refrigerator

In addition to having a large bottom freezer, you’ll gain more real estate up top. There are two basic refrigerator styles with bottom freezers: French door refrigerators and 2-door refrigerators. The French-door refrigerator offers over-sized shelves, wide deli drawers and gallon door bins. This style is best for people with large families, people who store baked goods like cakes and roasts, or for foodies who like a cinematic display of their goods. A 2-door refrigerator is best for families who eat more fresh foods than frozen ones, but need large freezers to stock up on bargain buys.

Now that you know the basic benefits of having a bottom drawer freezer, it’s time to peruse our collection on Appliances Connection. Sort by feature, brand, and price to find the best bottom drawer freezer for you and your family.

New Line of Small Kitchen Appliances—Packs a Punch



By Anthony Irizarry, Appliances Connection

Go to half of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe and ask about Electrolux. Half of them will undoubtedly recognize the name. That’s because Electrolux supplies appliances to around 50% of these restaurants. So it’s safe to say, they know a thing or two about quality kitchen equipment.

And they’re taking it to the next level.

Now you can enjMasterpieceoy professional quality appliances with an at-home feel, thanks to Electrolux’s new small kitchen appliance masterpiece collection. This collection is set for an August 2015 release with a price range running from $199-$499.  They  come with PowerTilt and TrueFlow Pro; a duo of technologies, integrated into these appliances to maximize performance and efficiency.

BUT WAIT… there’s more. The Electrolux Masterpiece Collection comes with a food processor, tabletop blender, and an immersion blender. Placed there to enhance your cooking pleasure.

A little bit more on this innovation. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Electrolux Masterpiece Product Director Per Kvarby also states, “We have designed this collection especially for consumers to have the ability to create their own original masterpieces in the kitchen.”

Wondering how they get that classic appearance? Well, that’s largely due to a combination of stainless steel and die cast aluminum.

Let’s Take a Quick Look At the Features:

  • Immersion blender—Blend ingredients in a jiffy…with a powerful 700w motor and TrueFlow Pro technology (which is a mixture of a turbo boost motor, a carefully designed mixing head, and titanium coated cutting blades).
  • Food Processor—Enhancing quickness and efficiency. Titanium coated blades comprise the groundbreaking PowerTilt. Alongside a tilted bowl (4.2L and 2.2L varieties—spacious enough for big servings), and an awesome 1200w induction motor.
  • Tabletop Blender—PowerTilt innovation crafts a velvet slide of food features. This technology is basically a mixture of a 1200w surge motor, a titled carafe, and titanium coated blades. 

That’s all the information available on this exciting collection.

Visit us back here for future updates.

SOURCES: Electrolux Newsroom, Kitchen Boy


Transform Your Kitchen into a Work of Art with GE Artistry



By April Khan, Appliances Connection

There once was a time when the only color choices you had for a refrigerator were white, mustard yellow or olive green. Those were the days right? Not.

When modern refrigerators popped up, the color scheme suddenly went neutral. It was cool to have a plain white or black refrigerator, since everything in the 80s and 90s was block colored. Adventurous colors were reserved for walls, counter appliances and dishes. And only those who were bold enough to go retro, bought into the firetruck red appliance theme.

We all have different tastes, so  why are the color choices so limited? We’re not sure really, but GE came around with a solution, rather than an answer.

Introducing the Artistry range of kitchen appliances.

Instead of leaving consumers with three basic choices — stainless steel, black or white — GE added some spice to the mix and created fun hues like Cupcake Blue and Red Pepper.

Leave it to GE refrigerators to serve more than one purpose. We all want a fridge that’s capable of keeping our food fresh, something that looks pretty sweet, and of course, one that won’t run our electricity bills into the ground. GE Artistry answers all of these needs and more. Let’s explore the extras, shall we?

GE Artistry features:

  • Bottom freezer for even more food storage.
  • Horizontal handles for easier opening.
  • Sleek, retro design to stand out against surrounding kitchen appliances and cabinetry.
  • Eye-popping colors such as Cupcake Blue, Red Pepper, Black and White to compliment kitchen accessories and small appliances.
  • Solid enough to blend in, but bold enough to stand out.

Bold is Back

GE Artistry appliances are just what you need for a swift kitchen remodel without breaking the bank. Currently, the GE Artistry line includes ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves. These appliances are in a league of their own. There’s no smart functionality, no tricks, no hidden shelves or doors, just stylish innovation and pure necessities.

If you want just a dab of boldness to bring out your kitchen’s true potential, then a GE Artistry appliance may be what you need.

Appliances Connection carries a range of GE Artistry appliances at affordable prices! Check out what we have in stock, today!

*Red Pepper and Blue Cupcake are not yet in stock, as soon as they are, we will send out a message on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure to add us to get the latest industry news.

5 Tips for Choosing Your First Smart Appliance



By April Khan, Appliances Connection

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to go to an electronics or home goods store without seeing the word ‘Smart’ or ‘Connected’ plastered all over the place. But before you get annoyed, we should let you know that there’s pretty good reasoning behind this.

Smart Appliances assist you. They help you to get things done quicker — but not only this — they also help you do things more efficiently. If you’re cooking a turkey and you’re not sure how long to cook it or on what temperature, a range with smart capabilities can set it for you. If you want to wash your clothes at home, but you’re tired of spending an arm and a leg on hot water, a washer with Smart capabilities can auto start your washer when energy costs are low.

You see, most people go for flashy appliances because, well, they’re flashy, but wouldn’t it be better to have a flashy appliance with smart features? If you’re nodding in agreement then welcome to the Smart Club. Read the information below to help you choose your first smart product.

Tip 1- Research Smart Appliance Manufacturers

Smart appliances are meant to be innovative, so for this reason, each manufacturer has their own unique smart feature. For example, LG has Smart ThinQ and Whirlpool has 6th Sense Technology. These features serve consumers in different ways, but they are ultimately designed to make tasks easier. Since the list of smart appliance manufacturers will likely grow, we cannot list them all here, but if you’re in the market for a major brand, check out LG, Samsung, GE and Whirlpool. For additional brands, browse Appliances Connection.

Tip 2 – Measure Your Space

Remember the first IBM computer? Sheez, that was a huge box of parts, luckily, things are a little more condensed now to enhance our on the go lifestyles.

Smart appliances are packed with features, but they’re not bulky. Part of the smart appliance appeal is the fact that they’re small enough to replace old appliances, but smart enough to replace more than that.

However, before going out and buying a smart appliance, you should measure your space. Don’t eyeball it — guesstimates are extremely deceiving. If you already have an appliance, and you’re simply replacing it, measure it and use this measurement as a guide for the next one. If your current one is old and bulky, the new smart appliance may be a lot smaller — so start planning what you’re going to do with all of that extra space!

Tip 3 – Crunch Numbers

How much are you currently paying to run your large appliances? If your appliance was manufactured quite recently, take a look at the Energy Guide sticker on the back. The Energy Guide lets you know how much energy you’re using each year to run the appliance, and what that energy equates to in dollars. Shop around for a smart appliance that provides all the features you need and is Energy Star approved.

Tip 4 – Find a Compatible Model

Smart appliances require connectivity to a WiFi-enabled smart device; however, some smart devices are not compatible. It’s best to check the connectivity and compatibility requirements before making your choice. You can find this information by searching the manufacturers website or by calling Appliances Connection’s customer service.

Tip 5 – Think Benefit Over Price

Smart appliances are often more expensive than regular appliances. I know you might think that you’re paying for the word “smart”, but what you’re actually paying for is ease of use. Smart appliances practically run themselves. So, think of them as your own personal assistants. The benefits of owning them far outweighs the price tag attached to them.

And there you have it.

Appliances Connection is one of the biggest home appliance suppliers in the United States. Shop our Smart Appliances section to find everything connected.

Appliance Connection’s Designer Spotlight : Klein Kitchen and Bath



April Khan, Appliances Connection

Welcome to the first installation of Appliances Connection’s Designer Spotlight. Every month, we will highlight a deserving design studio somewhere in the United States to show our appreciation of all things innovative and creative.

This month we decided to focus on kitchen and bathrooms. These are two of the most problematic areas in any home due to their orientation and sometimes, lack of space. It’s hard to look at a kitchen or a bathroom and visualize something new. Often times, we’re just stuck repainting, moving things from corner to corner or buying numerous space saving contraptions that tend to do just the opposite. When you find yourself in this situation, you might enlist the help of a kitchen or bathroom designer, so we’ve done a little research and found one designer that can take  the smallest room and turn it into something spectacular and functional.

So without further ado…This month’s Designer Spotlight goes to…New York’s very own…

Klein Kitchen and Bath

The designers at Klein Kitchen and Bath enter a small space, and like Picasso with a canvas and a few drops of paint, they create something remarkable and breathtaking. They truly know how to create the illusion of space, without skimping on fixtures or appliances.

However, this is just one of the many reasons we felt Klein Kitchen and Bath deserved to be in the spotlight. They stay on top of the latest trends, use state-of-the-art products to design their clients’ spaces, and invest a great portion of their time meticulously combing over each detail.

This of course resulted in their growing popularity and consistent customer satisfaction across the board.

So to Klein Kitchen and Bath we say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! And may you have many more years of prosperity and success!

For more Information about Klein Kitchen and Bath, or to view their portfolio, visit:

Klein Kitchen and Bath (Showroom)
1504 2nd Avenue
New York, NY

The Bosch Washer Promise



By April Khan, Appliances Connection

Bosch’s new compact washer and dryer combo promises to get your clothes clean in less than 30 minutes. And not just clean, Bosch promises to get them from dirty to dry within 30 minutes.

But how is this possible?

Well, while the world was going ‘smart’ Bosch was at the drawing board designing something that we all needed, but forgot we wanted. Compact washers and dryers. Washers and dryers seems to be getting bigger to account for heavier features and innovative designs, but if you don’t have a large space to store them, they’re just as out of reach as any other standard washer and dryer. Bosch however, did not forget the little guy. They filled the demand for smaller appliances with standard appliance features, by creating Axxis.

Axxis – The 24-inch Dynamic Duo

This stackable combo has the ability to wash and dry clothes in under 15 minutes. Unlike other compact washer/dryer combos, this one has some pretty impressive features.

It’s quiet as a mouse. The interior anti-vibration drum does away with the old “click clack” sounds and replaces them with a silent hum. This feature also allows you to stack them without the risk of them toppling.

Another great feature of the Bosch Axxis washer/dryer combo is the lighted interior. Now, you don’t have to wonder how much water is being used, or how close your clothes are to drying. Just look over your shoulder into the lighted glass display and continue on with more important matters.

It dries gently. The Axxis drum was designed to gently tumble clothes while drying them with warm heat. The low heat ensures that the clothes will dry fully without getting damaged. This is great news for people needing to dry delicate items.

Want to learn more? Visit Appliances Connection! We carry a variety of Bosch washers and dryers, including the Axxis collection. Feel free to browse through the features and specifications in depth.