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The bathroom used to be called the most neglected room in the house, a purely utilitarian space into which little thought or design was put; all that mattered was that it had the necessary water hookups. It's even frequently referred to as little more than a "water closet." But it doesn't have to be that way; the bathroom can be a beautiful, luxurious space all it's own, with it's own charms and whimsies, it's own mood and majesty. That's where Barclay's comes in.

Since the very beginning, Barclay's has worked with tireless determination toward a single goal: to craft the absolute finest in quality bathroom products that combine traditional design with the fines tin modern manufacturing expertise. The end result is a respected, widely admired line of bathroom products and fixtures ranging from bath tubs to sinks to toilets. These world renowned products are noted for their resilience, durability, strength, and unparalleled beauty, bringing classic design into the twenty first century with clean lines, ornate detailing, and magnificent class. You'll never find another designer and manufacturer more devoted to quality, excellence in production, and beautiful home decor and design. That's what Barclay's brings to the table: the most amazing bathroom products in the world.

It's that dedication to excellence, that commitment to quality and exceptional reliability, that has earned Barclay's their well deserved place in our carefully curated catalog of remarkable and amazing things. We're proud to have partnered with them to offer their luxurious wares to our customers across the United States.

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Barclay Bali

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Barclay Compact

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Barclay Dante

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Barclay Essex

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Barclay Everly

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Barclay Hartford

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Barclay Infinity

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Barclay Opulence

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Barclay Stanford

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Barclay Summit

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Barclay Sussex

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Barclay Vicki

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Barclay Victoria

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Barclay Washington

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