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Amana makes appliances the old fashioned way; with easy-to-use features, essential design and affordable prices. You can guarantee that an Amana microwave, refrigerator or washer/dryer will work out of the box without complicated setup sequences or finicky attachments.

Amana is in business to help the customer who wants to find a simple appliance solution without breaking their budget. Broken A/C in the middle of a heat wave? Need a new dryer before the lease is up? Buying a microwave for your college-bound teens? There's nothing wrong with spending the big bucks on a high-end appliance, but spending extra money on the latest gadgets and extras isn’t always the answer. To meet this demand Amana brand appliances provide assistance with household tasks that still look fantastic.

Since 1934, Amana has been a major player in their field. Amana created the first side-by-side refrigerator in 1949, the bottom-freezer refrigerator in 1957 and the countertop microwave oven in 1967. Today, Amana is a brand that's proud of their history and strong reputation and provides appliances that help our customers handle their daily challenges.

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