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An outdoor kitchen can mean two things, either you're someplace very fancy or someplace informal, but it always involve close friends, family, and good times. But what if you could enjoy the culinary flexibility of a full kitchen outside in your own yard or patio? Alfresco is a trusted name in the domain of the luxury resorts and restaurants, and they want you to feel that freedom too. They have made continuous advances in construction, installation and design to make your bucolic culinary experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Make your home a destination for parties, family, and fun with an Alfresco open air culinary system.

The core of Alfresco's kitchens is their pro-level grill, built from type 304 stainless steel with welded and polished seams that won't rattle or loosen over te years. The engine of the grill is an exclusively designed dual-port burner with 27,500 BTUs of concentrated heating power. These burners are made from a special steel made for high-heat applications and carry a lifetime warranty. Another modification is the The Sear Zone hybrid infrared system that gives your grill the fast searing ability of large commercial broilers for juicier steaks and burgers. More than just a work horse, these appliances look great as well with sweeping rounded corners and gleaming hand-polished accents. If all this seems like a dream, you'll be happy to know that Alfresco is dedicated to making this a reality.

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