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If you're redoing your kitchen, you know you need a range hood. You don't want all that grease, smoke, and steam mucking up your pristine appliances and shelving. XO Ventilation offers high quality, reliable, beautiful, innovative, environmentally friendly, and well-designed range hoods for every kitchen configuration. With an eye always toward the customer's total experience, XO offers comprehensive, expert-driven customer service to help you configure your range hood to best suit your kitchen. They're available to guide you through any questions or concerns you may have regarding use and installation in addition to being able to troubleshoot any difficulties you might run into as you proceed. And with their wide selection of products, including island range hoods, under cabinet range hoods, and wall mount range hoods alongside a full selection of range hood accessories, you're sure to find exactly what you need to suit your kitchen, budget, style, and desires. XO is your comprehensive range hood solution.

XO range hoods are designed and manufactured in Italy, meaning you're getting not just a functional appliance, but a stylish work of art by some of the finest industrial designers in Europe, straight from the country that's at the epicenter of fashion and style. Built in Fabriano out of the highest grade stainless steel available and featuring German EBM Blowers in premium models, you're guaranteed years of use without worry. Every XO product comes with a comprehensive two year In Home Warranty and a ninety day money back guarantee.

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