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Surya is a company that was founded on an act of brazen audacity.

1n 1976, Surya Tiwari traveled to Mumbai, drawn by tales of towering marvels and streets paved with promise and opportunity, if not gold. Upon arrival, he discovered that Macy's was in town sourcing new products; in what may be the single most brash act he could have committed, he told the visiting executives that he had a factory pumping out awesome local merchandise, when in fact, he had no such thing. So, Surya Tiwari had one week to pull together a viable business to contract with Macy's, and ya know what?

He did it.

Renting a wedding tent and gathering the wares of local craftspeople, Surya Tiwari convinced Macy's he was ready to go. They agreed to contract with him, and that was the birth of Surya, one of the world's leading producers of high-quality rugs. From their humble early products of simple knotted rugs, Surya's line has expanded dramatically into decorative and functional rugs of every shape and color and style, including luxurious traditional and modern designs alongside pillows, poufs, throws, decorative wall art, and high quality rug pads. Now with expansive North American operations, Surya continues to push the boundaries of home decor and design by supporting innovative designers

Surya Series

Surya Abigail

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Surya Aimee Wilder

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Surya Ainsley

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Surya Alfredo

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Surya Alfresco

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Surya Alhambra

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Surya Amber

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Surya Ancient Treasures

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Surya Smithsonian Archive

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