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The world's largest commercial laundry machine company, Speed Queen has been long supplying laundromats across the United States with machines that have a proven history of performance and dependability. A commercial laundromat's greatest asset is the reliability of its machines, because a broken washer or dryer costs you time, money, customers, and reputation. With Speed Queen, you know you're getting a machine you can depend on, making your life simpler and your business more productive. With commercial-grade construction that's built to last, a Speed Queen machine means you spend less time on repair and upkeep and more time on growing your business and satisfying your customers. Speed Queen and reliability go hand in hand.

Buying a Speed Queen means investing, not only in a quality machine, but in the global network that powers it, a comprehensive mesh of world-class service and support. Speed Queen is there to help you get your machines up and running, and then to help keep them that way. With an unparalleled devotion to customer support, Speed Queen puts you first, day or night. What all this means, in the end, is that Speed Queen means success -- success at your business and success in your life. These are the most profitable, consistent machines in the industry, built upon the best craftsmanship out there and backed up by the strongest assurance of quality, quality that stands upon a name that has for years been synonymous with excellence in vended laundry. It all comes down to the simple truth: Speed Queen performs.

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