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Sandberg Furniture

Founded by the family whose name it still bears, Sandberg Furniture has been an industry leader in quality furniture for nearly a century. Founder Martin Sandberg, a Swedish immigrant and artisan woodworker, established Sandberg Furniture in 1918 in Los Angeles, California as a cabinet shop. In time, his skill and ambition grew to making bedroom furniture, from beds to night stands to dressers to armoires, and Sandberg developed a reputation for quality handcrafting. Soon a hot commodity, Sandberg became the bedmaker to the stars during the Golden Age of Hollywood. A family-owned business to this day, Sandberg is dedicated to providing high quality furniture to low and middle-income consumers. That long tradition of excellence and quality construction persists to this day, and that's why they can make such amazing furniture for such amazing prices.

This what a family company gets you: high quality at reasonable prices, because Sandberg knows that there's more to business than the bottom line. Sandberg is characterized by respect for their employees, and respect for their customers. Sandberg wants you to be able to have a beautiful home regardless of your income, because everyone deserves a little beauty in their lives. That's why Sandberg works so hard to make their beautiful, high quality furniture pieces as affordable as possible. And the excellence that price gets you is beyond compare; this is artisanal woodworking at the highest level, with quality control at every step of the process to ensure you're getting the best furniture you can.

Best Selling Sandberg Products

Sandberg Series

Sandberg Alexandria
Shop Sandberg Alexandria Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Alexandria Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Alexandria Chest of Drawers

Sandberg Belladonna Palace
Shop Sandberg Belladonna Palace Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Belladonna Palace Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Belladonna Palace Chest of Drawers

Sandberg Beverly
Shop Sandberg Beverly Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Beverly Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Beverly Stands

Sandberg Cafe La Jolla
Shop Sandberg Cafe La Jolla Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Cafe La Jolla Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Cafe La Jolla Stands
Shop Sandberg Cafe La Jolla Chest of Drawers

Sandberg Cara
Shop Sandberg Cara Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Cara Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Cara Stands

Sandberg Diamante
Shop Sandberg Diamante Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Diamante Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Diamante Chest of Drawers

Sandberg Durban
Shop Sandberg Durban Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Durban Stands

Sandberg Elena
Shop Sandberg Elena Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Elena Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Elena Stands

Sandberg Enchanted
Shop Sandberg Enchanted Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Enchanted Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Enchanted Chest of Drawers

Sandberg Kendra
Shop Sandberg Kendra Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Kendra Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Kendra Stands

Sandberg La Jolla
Shop Sandberg La Jolla Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg La Jolla Mirrors
Shop Sandberg La Jolla Stands
Shop Sandberg La Jolla Chest of Drawers

Sandberg La Jolla Morena
Shop Sandberg La Jolla Morena Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg La Jolla Morena Mirrors
Shop Sandberg La Jolla Morena Stands

Sandberg Maurice
Shop Sandberg Maurice Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Maurice Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Maurice Stands
Shop Sandberg Maurice Bedding

Sandberg Metro Park
Shop Sandberg Metro Park Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Metro Park Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Metro Park Stands

Sandberg Times Square
Shop Sandberg Times Square Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Times Square Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Times Square Stands

Sandberg Venetian
Shop Sandberg Venetian Bedroom Furniture
Shop Sandberg Venetian Mirrors
Shop Sandberg Venetian Stands