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Northland Refrigeration

Originally founded in 1892 as Ranney Refrigeration as a maker of luxury iceboxes, the company that eventually came to be known as Northland has over a hundred and twenty years of experience in producing high quality refrigeration products including freezers. A longtime industry leader, Northland has the competition beat when it comes to producing the world's finest handcrafted custom refrigerators. Northland offers the most versatile, functional, and beautiful refrigeration products on the market today. Unmatched in flexibility, Northland offers custom refrigerator cabinets in six inch increments ranging from eighteen to seventy-two inches, and their patented and unique cooling engine allows for profoundly more storage per unit than any of their competition's equivalently-sized machines. And with the finest industrial design in their sector, every Northland is a magnificent confluence of form and function, with either stainless steel or arctic white aluminum interiors and the exterior beautifully finished in any among stainless steel, black, or black with a satin or black trim. When you want quality and style to meet, you want Northland. Excellence in engineering and design is the Northland guarantee.

And Northland stands by every product they manufacture, and that's why they offer one of the strongest warranties in the entire industry: one year parts and labor, seven years parts and labor on the sealed system, and 10 years on the cabinet. Any company willing to stand by their construction for an entire decade is a company that believes that they've just sold you the best there is to sell. Northland is a company with that kind of confidence in their product, and that means you can have confidence in them.