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Founded in 2002, Newair is built upon one simple mission: to become the premier appliance manufacturer in the United States by developing the best products in every category they enter, and after more than ten years, they have truly become a major industry player in a very competitive market. Newair makes high-quality home products to support, extend, and enrich your modern lifestyle. That's why they make products designed to make your life easier and your work more efficient, all with the sort of style and high-quality design you've come to expect from Newair.

In fact, you could call those Newair's hallmarks: style, ease of use, and efficiency. Every product is designed to be a beautiful home accent right alongside its functions as a home appliance, perfectly combining form and function, and each one is made to be easy -- almost thoughtless! -- to use. And since every responsible company needs to consider the environmental impact of their products, Newair makes energy conservation easy with its high energy-efficient products. This is a trifecta you can't find just anywhere, and Newair works hard to be at the top in each category, so that their every product is beautiful, simple, and environmentally friendly. is proud to have partnered with Newair to offer their products on our website, and we're pleased to be able to include them in our carefully-curated catalog of remarkable things.

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