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Navien Water Heaters

Founded as KyungDong Machinery Co., Ltd. in 1978, KD Navien has been a world leader in water heater manufacture for over thirty years. It's American affiliate, Navien America, was established in 2006, and is one of the fastest growing companies in the home comfort sector in North America. Navien is dedicated to bringing to the North American market the best, most advanced, and most effective condensing tankless gas water heaters and condensing combi boilers. Operating out of Irvine, California, Navien has earned recognition and widespread international acclaim for the quality of its engineering, and with three decades of experience powering their operations, they're well known for their reliability, dependability, and efficiency. These are water heaters that are built to last you years without significant repair or replacement. That's why you can trust us when we say that, when you buy Navien, you're buying peace of mind.

You're also buying into a culture of excellence that has, for the whole of its existence, made every effort possible to ensure it was developinh the world's best high-efficiency, environmentally friendly products, water heaters, zone control systems, ventilation systems, home network systems, air conditioning systems, and other home comfort platforms. And with many of their products fully EnergyStar certified, you can trust that Navien has succeeded. Navien heaters and home comfort systems are high quality and an exceptional value, each of them an energy-efficient marvel of research, design, and engineering. is extremely proud to offer Navien products in our carefully curated catalog of exceptional things.