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The revolution will be lightly braised.

NXR has been taking the grilling world by storm. This young, energetic brand out of Industry, California produces some of the world's most remarkable high-end professional quality-ranges. These are high-performing, high-intensity, high-quality ranges built for endurance and reliability, wrapped in seamless stainless steel bodies and priced to sell. This is a class of ranges that used to only be available to the ultra-rich, but which NXR has now brought down to affordable consumer levels. But make no mistake -- these aren't cheap, low-quality ranges. NXR products are built from the best components sourced from the finest manufacturers in the world, including hinges NuovaStar in Italy and burners from Attendorm in Germany. That sourcing lets NXR produce professional and industrial quality ranges for a fraction of the cost of most other manufacturers with no decline in performance. That's what makes NXR truly something special.

Featuring level cast-iron grates allowing the free flow of pots around the cooktop, quality, professional nobs and turns, industrial-class stainless steel fittings and enclosure, truly mighty ovens with over 22,000 BTUs of cooking power, and numerous other amazing features in a variety of configurations, NXR Professional Ranges are game changing additions to the cooking industry's usual suspects, offering an industrial quality cooking experience at far less than ordinary manufacturers. So the question isn't whether you can afford it. Instead, the question is whether you can afford not to.

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