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Modloft Furniture

Modloft was founded on a single vision: providing stylish, high-quality contemporary furniture designs to budget conscious consumers. Modloft aspires to bring the heights of urban design to the masses with its wide selection of beautiful European-inspired designs and a unique blend of sophistication and affordability. The Modloft dream is one of urban class of the sort you'd see in the trendiest Tribeca loft, with beautiful minimalist furniture providing both form and function, clean lines and quality materials providing that air of sophistication that attaches itself to the urban elite. With Modloft, that apartment can be yours at reasonable prices. Every single piece of furniture that Modloft offers is specifically designed to offer that inimitable "Wow!" factor. Every piece screams of New York style, Milan fashion, and the latest designs out of London and Paris. And of course they do! Modloft was founded to bring European style to street level, where anyone could afford it. And with every piece made of the finest quality materials and hardwood solids, you know that you aren't just getting looks -- with Modloft, you're getting excellent construction and durability you know will last for years to come.

Modloft offers you innovative products that echo the most forward-facing designs in furniture today, with construction and distribution designed to bring the cost down to where anyone can meet it. That's why is proud to offer Modloft furniture in our carefully curated catalog of exceptional things.

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Modloft Series

Modloft Adelphi
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Modloft Audley
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Modloft Beech
Shop Modloft Beech Tables

Modloft Berkeley
Shop Modloft Berkeley Tables

Modloft Chelsea
Shop Modloft Chelsea Bedroom Furniture

Modloft Clarges
Shop Modloft Clarges Chairs
Shop Modloft Clarges Tables

Modloft Curzon
Shop Modloft Curzon Tables

Modloft Dorset
Shop Modloft Dorset Tables

Modloft Elm
Shop Modloft Elm Consoles
Shop Modloft Elm Tables

Modloft Fitzroy
Shop Modloft Fitzroy Tables

Modloft Fleet
Shop Modloft Fleet Chairs

Modloft Ludlow
Shop Modloft Ludlow Bedroom Furniture
Shop Modloft Ludlow Bedding

Modloft Madison
Shop Modloft Madison Bedroom Furniture

Modloft Mayfair
Shop Modloft Mayfair Chairs

Modloft Monroe
Shop Modloft Monroe Bedroom Furniture

Modloft Panton
Shop Modloft Panton Tables

Modloft Prince
Shop Modloft Prince Bedroom Furniture

Modloft Sanctuary
Shop Modloft Sanctuary Chairs
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Modloft Thompson
Shop Modloft Thompson Bedroom Furniture

Modloft Worth
Shop Modloft Worth Bedroom Furniture

Modloft York
Shop Modloft York Chaise Lounges
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