Minden Grills

Since 2004, the Nevada-based Minden Grill Company has turned its focus on design and manufacture of contemporary gas grills and gas grill accessories into a winning business strategy centered on the highest quality gas grills on the market. Situated in the picturesque beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the border with great California, Minden's greatest asset is its young, spirited, and energetic workforce, powered by a love of quality work and a desire to produce the best gas grills available. There, among the beauty of peaks and coniferous forests, Minden's workers find the inspiration to design, engineer, and manufacture the absolute best barbecue grilling work on the market today. Because Minden grills are designed to match your personal taste, these grills are a spectacular alternative to a generic big box barbecue grill. Every product Minden makes carries with it the spirit of the West: independence, honesty, adventure, and the grandeur of the wilderness.

You see, Minden Grills are the first outdoor gas grills designed to be customized by you, to suit your needs. With customizable features including everything from the burner to the cutting board to the side wings. Enhancements available include stainless steel grates, ceramic pizza stone, and bamboo cooking boards. Every Minden grill offers remarkable features that place it far above its competition, and that's why Minden grills are great for every level of grilling enthusiast, from gourmet to amateur. While still new to the grilling scene, Minden is rapidly building a well-earned reputation for top-tier quality.