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For over forty years, Lyons has been an industry leader in baths and bath fixtures for every use. Whether you're interested in putting together your own elegant bathroom by hand or just upgrading the tub in your recreational vehicle, Lyons has the best products on the market for you to use. Lyons' high quality bath products are all manufactured from the finest materials on the market, and their high gloss acrylic bathtubs and shower bases are no exception. Everything they make displays a devotion to the finest artisanal craftsmanship, each piece manufactured to the most exacting specifications for quality, reliability, and strength. The end result is a magnificent tour de force of ease, beauty, and exceptional quality you'll be proud to see installed in your home or recreational vehicle. And Lyons believes in consumer choice. That's why Lyons offers a wide variety of versatile products, from apron to drop-in tubs and whirlpools to backing bath walls to bathtub doors, if that's what suits you. Lyons doesn't dictate to you how your bathroom should be configured; they give you the means to make those choices for yourself. And they come in a wide variety of acrylic colors, including white, biscuit, almond, black, and silver metallic. It's time to build the bathroom of your dreams, the one you truly deserve. And that's a Lyons bathroom.

Lyons is devoted to quality production, design, and customer service, and they pride themselves on their availability and helpfulness. That's why you can trust that with Lyons, you'll never feel left to fend for yourself. They stand at the ready to help you with whatever you might need.

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