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Don't let the name fool you; LumiSource is more than just lighting. After years of offering the most innovative and forward-facing lighting designs in the industry, quality lamps in every category made from the highest quality materials and built to perform, LumiSource has branched out into designing and manufacturing the most stylish contemporary occasional furniture out there. That's why, in addition to the stunning ceiling, floor, and table lamps you've come to depend on from LumiSource, now you'll find tables, chairs, ottomans, mirrors, TV stands, office chairs, and more in the most spectacular designs imaginable. These sleek, ultra-modern furnishings are sure to punch up any room, and now they're all available from LumiSource, a name you've come to trust to provide you with that little, chromed-out stainless steel glimpse of the future. LumiSource means flair in any part of your home. And they're still producing those remarkable lamps, sleek and elegant, that speak of class, style, taste, and the trendiest fashions. Now your one stop for home decor, LumiSource brings you everything you need to outfit your house, apartment, office, or retail space with all the flair of the best European design houses. The future is here, and its name is LumiSource.

These chic, contemporary designs will make any room bloom with color, style, and class. Ultra-modern and excitingly futuristic, you can be assured that every one of them was manufactured to the highest quality standards and are built to last.

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LumiSource Austin

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