Le Cappe Range Hoods

Standing atop more than fifteen years of experience and expertise, Le Cappe is the ultimate in home range hoods and faucets. These longstanding masters of the kitchen appliance industry have been manufacturing kitchen fixtures since 1997, and have developed a reputation for beauty, quality, and a reliability that's sure to last for decades to come. Every Le Cappe product is a masterwork of form and function, beautiful minimalist designs straight from the great industrial design houses of Italy, Germany, and the rest of Europe. That continental class, that Italian flair, is clear in every aspect of Le Cappe design, from the clean lines to the quality metals to the curving glass, and with that devotion to quality in aesthetics comes a devotion to quality construction. Le Cappe products are manufactured to exacting specifications, tested for performance, quality, and reliability before they every hit market. That commitment to quality is what has made Le Cappe a strong industry leader in the kitchen appliances segment and has allowed them to bring affordable luxury to the masses.

Their commitment to quality is what makes Le Cappe a truly remarkable company. Every range hood they produce is a beautiful and functional addition to your home, an efficient engine quietly removing dust, grease particles, steam and vapor and other contaminants from your home, letting you run your home as effectively as possible. That's performance you can trust in a product you'll be proud do keep in your kitchen. When it's form and function you want, it has to be Le Cappe.