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Ever since it was founded in the heady days of 1963, Klaussner has been one of the premier industry leaders in home furnishings. Klaussner prides itself on only offering for sale the finest furniture in the marketplace, a goal their vertically-integrated structure let's them easily achieve. And with a full range of furniture offerings, including dining room furnishings, occasional tables, bedroom sets, and living room seating, you know that Klaussner is fully equipped to furnish your entire home with the highest quality furniture out there, in custom configurations their unique corporate and organizational structure makes possible. This includes customization in upholstery, color, and materials. And with more than five-hundred styles, six-hundred fabric choices and seventy-five leathers, Klaussner customization gives you a wide variety of choices. That's how Klaussner has made customization a pillar of its business, and their commitment to quality production ensures you're getting the perfect furnishing solution -- every time.

Every Klaussner product is made to meet the highest standards of reliability and durability. That's quality you can trust. And with every product hand-manufactured by trained craftsmen at their production facility in Asheboro, North Carolina, every piece is certain to get that extra bit of attention to detail that ensures best fit, best construction, and best quality. That level of dedication to exceptional workmanship is not something you'll find in every workshop, and it's certainly what sets Klaussner apart from their competition. Every worker is a dedicated craftsman with a love for what they do and the skill to do it right. That's the Klaussner promise.

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Klaussner Series

Klaussner Atticus

Shop Klaussner Atticus Living Room Furniture
Shop Klaussner Atticus Chairs
Klaussner Bardot

Shop Klaussner Bardot Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Bardot Home Decor
Klaussner Bayboro

Shop Klaussner Bayboro Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Bayboro Tables
Shop Klaussner Bayboro Dining Room Furniture
Shop Klaussner Bayboro Chairs
Klaussner Cabria

Shop Klaussner Cabria Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Cabria Home Decor
Klaussner Cliffside

Shop Klaussner Cliffside Chairs
Shop Klaussner Cliffside Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Darcy

Shop Klaussner Darcy Chairs
Shop Klaussner Darcy Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Darius

Shop Klaussner Darius Chairs
Shop Klaussner Darius Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Eastport

Shop Klaussner Eastport Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Eastport Home Decor
Klaussner Eclipse

Shop Klaussner Eclipse Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Eclipse Home Decor
Shop Klaussner Eclipse Dining Room Furniture
Shop Klaussner Eclipse Chairs
Klaussner Flint

Shop Klaussner Flint Chairs
Shop Klaussner Flint Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Jacobs Collection

Shop Klaussner Jacobs Collection Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Palais

Shop Klaussner Palais Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Palais Tables
Shop Klaussner Palais Dining Room Furniture
Shop Klaussner Palais Chairs
Klaussner Posen

Shop Klaussner Posen Chairs
Shop Klaussner Posen Living Room Furniture
Klaussner San Marcos

Shop Klaussner San Marcos Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner San Marcos Home Decor
Klaussner Seabreeze

Shop Klaussner Seabreeze Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Seabreeze Living Room Furniture
Shop Klaussner Seabreeze Home Decor
Shop Klaussner Seabreeze Benches
Klaussner Serenade

Shop Klaussner Serenade Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Serenade Tables
Shop Klaussner Serenade Home Decor
Shop Klaussner Serenade Chairs
Klaussner Symmetry

Shop Klaussner Symmetry Bedroom Furniture
Shop Klaussner Symmetry Home Decor
Shop Klaussner Symmetry Stands
Klaussner Tiburon

Shop Klaussner Tiburon Chairs
Shop Klaussner Tiburon Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Tolbert

Shop Klaussner Tolbert Chairs
Shop Klaussner Tolbert Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Woodburn

Shop Klaussner Woodburn Chairs
Shop Klaussner Woodburn Living Room Furniture
Klaussner Yuma

Shop Klaussner Yuma Chairs
Shop Klaussner Yuma Living Room Furniture