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Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig was founded with a single dream: to give you the best dang cup of coffee you could have. Noticing that, in the office environment, coffee was brewed by the pot but consumed over time by the cup, and that therefore the quality of each individual cup varied greatly, the founders of Keurig determined that there had to be a better way. Why, they asked, couldn't they brew just one cup of coffee at a time? After some trial and error, Keurig arrived at their famous, patented K-Cup system consisting of a single compact serving of coffee including a filter. The technology to brew this coffee followed shortly thereafter, and starting in 1998, Keurig began manufacturing and marketing the first of their single-cup brewers, and an empire was born. Now partnered with and powered by high quality and gourmet brands including Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, Keurig's famous K-Cup is the most efficient way to make the perfect cup of joe. It only takes less than a minute. That convenience and that quality have fueled the Keurig revolution over the last fifteen years. Heck, you've probably had a cup or two yourself.

That's how you know that Keurig means quality and excellence. Their visionary system has changed the way a generation fuels their work, and with models for both the home and office, Keurig wants to revolutionize how you start your day. With every brewer made to exacting specifications, you can trust that you're getting the height of quality when you sign up for the Keurig revolution. Take back coffee.